Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Infected: What Happened to David Price (9)

nine: ...towards death.

I'm so dizzy. I'm kneeling in front of the toilet wanting to throw up, to relieve my nausea. Sarabeth asks me if I'm okay; I say yes but I'm far from being alright. She doesn't know, will never know that I could have saved my family.

I sit back against wall and sigh. I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't help Sarabeth and stay to protect Greta, make sure she...make sure she lives a good long life. I want that for her, I trully do but something draws me to Charlotte. I want to see her, if only for a few minutes.

The room doesn't spin around me anymore and I find it safe to get up. I walk out the bathroom changed. I'm confident in my decision now. I know what I have to do.

"I'll help you," I tell Sarabeth, who was just about to slip on her jacket but turned to look at me, "But once we find Charlie, I need to get back here. Safely."

"That can be arranged." She answers and slips on her jacket, "I sense something in your voice. Is there something I don't know, David?"

I look away. "No, I just...feel safe here."

"I can understand that. Now let's go, we got someone to find." Sarabeth extends her hand, inviting me to grab it, "You're not alone anymore, David." She smiles and for what its worth, she reminds me of mom.


"I'm just going to be out for a few days, we're going to try to find Charlie Olsen. You remember her, right? I won't be long, please stop crying. Greta, she might hear you. Don't worry about me, I'll be right back. Here I sneaked some food while she wasn't looking. I promise, I'll be back for you, Greta."


It feels good to have the wind in my face. Were cruising along Còrtez Boulevard in Sarabeth's red Jeep. She says we need to stop at her place before we move on.

"Hey, can you put my jacket in the back, I have a bag of clothes there."

I nod and place her jacket in the bag, between the canned goods and the jug, which I guess contains water. I look up and notice her men, following us in a black sedan, but I can't tell which make. I settle back into my seat and let the wind carry me away once again.


It's odd being back at Charlie's house. The men have erected a new perimeter around this house. Four large metal posts at each corner of the yard. I look around and don't see any zombies, safe Jeanette Olsen and Stephanie Holloway - both as stiff and still as rocks.

"What are those?" I ask Sarabeth.

She appears from the kitchen and asks me what I'm talking about.

"The posts, what are they?"

She gives me a cold stare then sighs. "You are too curious for your own good, David Price." She walks over to the bay window and crosses her arms behind her back. "They protect us from the infected. That's all you need to know."

I knew that already. Anyone could have figured out they were some form of barrier. But David couldn't understand how it protected them. And apparently, it was a subject Sarabeth wanted to avoid.

"We have a lead on Charlotte's location. She's in Del Rio." Sarabeth turns to face me and waits for me to answer. It all seems to convenient.

"You guys knew she was here. Why do you want me to bring her back? What are you hiding?" The tone of my voice rises as anger starts to build up. She tricked me.

"I'm not hiding anything, David." She answers calmly, doesn't even move.

"DON'T LIE TO ME! WHY DON'T YOU GO GET HER?!" I storm off towards the window and point outside, at the posts. "And what are those?! Who are you, Sarabeth Olsen?"

"You caught me." She raises her hands up and smirks. Then drops her hands and smacks me across the face. "Don't ever talk to me like that, again. The reason I can't go get my own daughter is because of you."

She turns and takes a few steps away from me. The weight of her accusation sits offly heavy on my shoulders. What do I have to do with this?

"You planted ideas in her, David, and with enough time, enough doubt, those ideas festered into radical thoughts. Charlotte doesn't trust me. Not after what you guys discussed in the meadow."

"How...How do you even know about that? Did Charlie talk to you before...before this?" I'm puzzled. It brings me back to three weeks ago, the day it all went down. The last time I saw Charlie. But she would never talk to her parents about her conservations with me. Hell, I don't even think they called her all that much. She rarely spoke about them when they moved to Japan.

"I kept really good tabs on my daughter. Which led me to you, David. She trusts you. You can convince her to come back home."

I didn't question Sarabeth's sincerity up until now. All of this seems so contrived.

"I changed my mind." I blurt out and Sarabeth's face drops.

"David, you have to bring her home. She has the cure."

"I don't believe you. I don't believe your lies."

"You little brat, think of the greater good!"

"There is no cure, you're lying. I want to go back home!"

Sarabeth screams and then comes at me but I dodge and push her against the wall. I don't even doubt what I'm going to do next.

As I pass the front door I snatch up the keys to the Jeep. I don't look back, I don't even risk it. Sarabeth's men look at me funny when I approach the driveway but they don't react, don't stop me. When I finally get in the Jeep and pull out of the driveway, I understand why.

Sarabeth told them to. She's standing at the door and just watching me. Before I speed off towards home, towards Greta, leaving Charlotte behind, Sarabeth mouths: "Fool."


I'm driving along Palm Street, angry at myself for having left Greta behind. I don't even think about Charlotte anymore. It can't be true. There can't be a cure for this.

I see my street, Onco. I slow down and go to turn left when I spot a couple of infected to my right. I'm about to ignore them and floor it but I notice fluid movement, human movement. I look closer and spot Charlotte. Oh my god. She's alive, she's here. Charlotte.

I swerve the wheel to the right and the tires screech as I come to a stop at the corner of Palm and Onco, Charlotte running towards me. I have to tell her. Tell her that her mom is here. Tell her everything I know.

"DAVID!!" She yells and I can hear the pain in her voice, it's not the same. She doesn't look the same. I go to unfasten my seatbelt when I feel a sharp pain in my chest. I think it's heartburn, or anxiety but then I hear screaming and feel something hot trickling down my chest and legs. I look down and see blood.

When I look back up I see another girl, closer to the forest. My vision starts to blur and I can hear Charlotte beside me. She's here. With me. I'm not alone.

I try to tell her to go and get Greta but not a sound comes out of my mouth. I'm numb, and warm. I'm in Charlotte's arms.

"WE CAN'T LEAVE HIM!" She screams. I feel numb. And warm...This is it, I guess.

The Infected: What Happened to David Price (8)

eight: one step closer...

Sarabeth and I are seated at the kitchen table. She's taking in all the information I gave her about what happened in the past weeks. How I survived on what little food was left in the house; how I never went outside once. I can't mention Greta. For now, until I know more, she's as dead as everyone else.

"I'm truly sorry about what happened, David. I can empathize with you; I found my home abandonned," she takes a moment, "no sign of Charlotte. My mother-in-law was sprawled against the pavement, her skull cracked open. She turned though, before that. Jeanette...poor her." Sarabeth inhales deeply and steals a sip of her water. She continues, "I haven't heard from my husband or my father-in-law but I can only assume that they didn't make it back."

She pauses, as if she hadn't meant to speak those last words.

"Back where?" I ask, still doubtful of the Olsen's part in this...infection.

"I guess it doesn't matter anymore what people know. David, Charles and I were the ones who created the Tip-Shiziku virus." I can see her relax the moment she says it. She must have been weighted down by this secret for years. For some reason, I find myself pitying her.

"I somewhat already knew, Mrs. Olsen. I'm a huge theorist. I didn't know it had a name though. Tip-Suzuki?"

"Tip-Shiziku," she answers, slightly amused. The wrinkles that form when she smiles betray her age. She continues, "named so after the scientist who first discovered the...um...it's hard to explain. But Charles and I were the ones who were able to manipulate it into mass. We were hired by the US government; we worked closely with Robert Scott, the Secretary of Defense. Charles and his father were coming back to meet with him when it struck."

Her last few words barely came out and soon she broke into a sob. I got off my chair and went beside her, wrapped my arm around her shoulders, comforted her. We both needed it. Both our worlds have been shattered.

"David, I had nothing to do with what has happened. The virus was never suppose to be used. It was a threat, to calm the other nations. I promise, I had no part in this." Sarabeth says weakly. Mascara is tearing down her cheeks. She looks a mess.

"What exactly has happened?" I ask, and return to my seat.

"From what we were able to gather, the virus was released simultaneously around the world through food and beverages. To be more precised, whoever did this used Drake products to infect the population. Drake Foods broke record sales in the last trimester, David. Whoever did this, knew exactly what they were fucking doing."

"But how...I mean, it happened so quickly..." I can't wrap my mind around the thought that all this chaos was brought upon by food.

"The infection is...alive. Once someone has been infected, they can in turn infect someone else. Theorist, huh? You should know about the Vodun? The Zombies?" Sarabeth managed to wipe the mascara off her cheeks but she still looks somber. I think we all do. I think we will always be somber from now on.

"Yeah, but this quickly? The whole world turned to shit in two days. Two days, Mrs. Olsen." I say. My fingers curl up to form a fist. I'm not angry at her, I guess. I'm just angry that this - this fucking mess - is even happening at all.

"How many people you know start their day with Drake Juice? Or have Drake cheese for lunch, or even a Drake microwave diner? Didn't you enjoy Drake Cookies after supper David? Yeah, it was everywhere."

What she's saying is true. Everyone I know at school had at least one Drake product in their lunchbox. Mom only bought organic food which I always hated. But now, now I kinda appreciate that. If the Lochlans hadn't attacked us, we might have come out of this just fine. I wouldn't be alone. With Greta; I had almost forgotten about her.

"I should tell you why we're here, though. I need your help, David."

"My help? For what?" I ask, confused by her request.

"I need you to find Charlotte. And bring her to me." Sarabeth answers and I can hear torment in her voice.

"Charlotte! She's alive?" My heart skips a beat and I'm suddenly covered in goosebumps. I smile. For the first time in three weeks, I smile.

"Yes, she's alive. And David," Sarabeth pauses, looks away, "Charlotte has the cure to the infection."

My eyes widen and I gasp. A cure. A cure that could have saved my family.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Everything Geek: Fan Fiction

Have you ever wondered what happened to a character once the movie is finished? Do you ponder the life path of the protagonist the moment you read the last page of your favourite book? Does the ending to a TV show you like left you begging for more? Or do you simply think: "Man, I could have produced a WAY better movie then that crap!"

Then, my friend, I introduce you to FanFiction.

Fans (as in obsessed leagues of tongue-wagging geeks, not the cooling device) have been altering their favourite stories for years, tweaking the storylines, enhancing the characters' hues, and marking their prrrrecious with their own personal touch.

I first discovered FanFiction.net (a hyperlink to the page can be found above, in red.) when reasearching an author whose book I was currently reading. The author in question was Cassandra Clare and the book I was reading was City of Bones, the first book in the Mortal Instruments Trilogy. While reading her biography, I followed a link to her Draco Trilogy, which was described by many as "the best fan-fiction ever".

When I finished reading the third and final "book", Draco Veritas, I was officially hooked and began searching the net for anything homemade and that is when I stumbled upon fanfiction.net.

There are fan-written sequels, prequels, remakes, reimaginations, and a lot of "children-of" stories. The children of the Losties find the island; The children of Sidney Prescott return to Woodsboro; The children of Buffy become slayers...I think you're starting to get it.

But amidst all the unfinished stories and the cheesy ripoffs, there are golden gems. Like the Scream tv series that documents the life of the characters in Scream 4 prior to the events. It's one of the most reviewed "fanfic" on the website. It's good. Like really good.

I dare you to visit the website and not spend four hours on it.

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Everything Geek: Serialized Drama

For some odd reason I am attracted to television shows that gets pleasure out of mind-fucking its audience for several seasons. Call me crazy!

I should warn you to buy Trojan for this massive mind-fuck. The twists and turns produced from this show would rival any cheesy daytime soap. It seems like every scene was set up to force the viewer to salivate like a moron while asking questions like: "Whoa, why is there a shoe on that branch? Where did that shoe come from? Who wore the shoe? What did that person do?" No seriously, every single screen shot got me going all paranoïd. Everything - everything - to me was a clue to solving the mystery.

You know shows have gained cult-status when they set up their own wiki sister site. Lostpedia was my bible for six whole years. After an episode of LOST aired, I was on facebook chatting with fellow Lostie, Ashlie (read her positively reviewed and amazeballs blog here!!), and my browser was open both to Lostpedia and Theories on Lost dot com. It was bad. I swear my theories to what was going on changed every week. My brain was yelling at me to stop cramming in all this useless information. And sadistically, I kinda liked it. 

 But the biggest mind-fuck of all was finishing the series while leaving multiple mysteries unsolved and "left to our imagination". When you have a vivid imagination who will only settle down once it has seen fact, an ending like that is torture. Pure torture.


The Event
♥ this show. It was sadly cancelled after one season due to low ratings, which is such a tragedy because mystery dramas like this one are rare. It had everything a die-hard theory fan would enjoy: government conspiracies, alien coverups, character connections, and storylines that only got eerier as the season progressed.

I think because there was such negative backlash when LOST wrapped up, that people didn't want to invest in a show for X amount of years only to be left hanging. I mean, the acting was flawless - especially the work of Laura Innes as Sophia, the dubious leader of the alien race that shares our planet - and the storyline was on point. It had everything a good drama needed to succeed. Unfortunately, it didn't.

There was talks of bringing the show to SyFy, a science-fiction driven network, but I have yet to hear anything more on the project. I think it's safe to say we've seen the last of Sophia Maguire and President Martinez. Sad face.

DELETED SCENE (just to show how subtle Sophia was with her threats):

So this show comes from the same creative team that worked on LOST. I was a bit skeptical at first, because of the previous statement, but also because it reminded me A LOT of The 4400, another vanishing-themed show that aired several years ago.

But I can't help myself, I am addicted to this show! I love the cinematography, especially the lighting effects they do during the flashbacks to Alcatraz circa 1963. I love the mysteriousness behind the vanishing of the inmates and guards (called the 63's), the connections between all of the characters, and the slow build up to finding out WHO is behind this weird phenomenon and WHY the characters haven't aged. It's a slow buil-up but I trust that we will be rewarded in time.

Check out the brilliant performance of Parminder Nagra as Lucy Banerjee, one of the doctors on Alcatraz who vanished and reappeared 50 years later, not having aged one day.


The River
This is another new show that just started this winter. It's from Oren Peli, the man behind the Paranormal Activity movies. I find it's a perfect combination of Anaconda, Paranormal Activity, and LOST. The tension this show creates is insane; the pacing is so quick. It's not only great because of the scares and thrills, but also because of how original the concept is for a television show.

The amazon is such a world away and so little is known about it that it somehow comes across as scary and mysterious. That alone could have been enough to make a great show, but add to that: spirit encounters, possession, psychotic cults, and whatever else they have in store for us this season - and you got yourself one hell of a scary tv show!!

It was marketed as a ghost story on the river, and yeah I guess it kinda is, but don't rely so much on the trailer - that's only episode 1.


Other notable theory-inducing, geek-friendly dramas:
  • Heroes
  • The 4400
  • The Nine

What show's intriguing storyline has you in knots?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Everything Geek: Nerd Fashion

Wow, I haven't blogged much this month - It's the shortest month but also set dead in Canadian winter season and we all know how much winter can trigger procrastination. I swear, it does!

Geek-ing seems to be the big trend right now, with rappers and rockstars jumping on the bandwagon of late. Reading glasses, magic, and anything "original" seems to dominate styles everywhere.

It's hard to differentiate between the geek and the hipster nowadays, mainly because hipsters have taken what they think is cool in all brands and mashed it up into their own "original" concept.

Nonetheless, geeky fashion is what's trending right now. Let's take a look, shall we?

The Pacman Belt Buckle

The belt and buckle part of the accessories is the one often used by geeks and freaks. While the norm is to spruce up the neck, wrists, and ears, the Geek thought out-of-the-box by decorating the loin area. And it works.

While I suggest a Pacman belt buckle to geek up your attire, any videogame related buckle can work. But be careful, some buckles have crossover (I.E: they "change" the design to make it look "dated" and "used") features and you can soon find yourself in the hipster zone. Beware of the hipster zone.

Thick Eyeglasses

This is quite possibly the Geek's most significant accessory. It's been with the genre since the beginning. I mean, in the olden days all you needed was a pair of big ole glasses and you were labelled a nerd. But rest assured, times have changed and if you go out with a pair of thick glasses you will attract the crowd, not repel it. Unless zits are involved. Zits are rarely crowd pleasers.

The Bowtie

Ouuhh my favourite! I own black and brown bowties and use them only for special occasions (trendy dates, coffee shop/jazz house outing) and it always makes me feel so intelligent. Bowties have that special power. So cool!

It's doubly hot when paired with a crisp white shirt and suspenders but this combo of sexiness can only be used once in a while. Bowties make you feel intelligent, yes. But the addition of the super macho suspenders can make anyone's ego fly through the roof. So take a step back, and put the bowtie down. There you go.

The Sneakers

Some would argue that real geeks (aka the computer junkies) couldn't care less how decked out their shoes are, but the trendy geek (aka the social junkie) will run rampant through the aisles to find the flyest sneaker there is. Just how nature rolls, you know.

It's important that the sneaker doesn't creep into the rapper/skater category; it can't be too big or have too many patterns on it. Extra points though if your shoe is custom and rocking out like this one:

Do you support the Geek??

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Infected: What Happened to David Price (7)

seven: lies

We've been hiding in the basement for two days now. The people outside have yet to come in; they set up some sort of perimeter outside our house and they seem to be doing nothing but watching. What Sarabeth Olsen is up to is beyond me. If they're tracking behaviour patterns in the walking dead, they picked the wrong city.

I haven't seen many zombies pass in front of our house. I haven't ventured into town yet, so they might all have converged there but I can't say for sure. Whatever it is Sarabeth and her men are doing doesn't seem to involve Greta and I. I doubt they know we are inside.

Although I've managed to keep Greta calm for the past days, I can't seem to do the same with my curiosity. I want - scratch that, I need - to know what they're doing. I had my doubts the Olsens were involved in all of this and Sarabeth's showing is hardly a coincidence. Maybe I'll get answers about all of this if I go talk to them.

Rationality quickly kicks in and reminds me of the threat out there. Not only the threat of the flesh-eating bastards that roam the streets, but the threat of Man. In desperate times, man has been known to act irresponsibly. I don't know what they are up and I don't want to jeopardize Greta's safety.

But I need to know.

"Greta, I think I'm going to go talk to them, to Charlotte's mom."

She shifts, looks up at me. "No, you can't. What if they want to hurt us, David? What if they do what you did to mom and dad and Rebekah."

I guess she doesn't quite understand what I did. "They won't Greta, we haven't been...infected. They're not going to hurt us."

"Do you promise? David, promise it!"

I grab onto Greta's hands and hold them tightly against my chest. I kiss her forehead and make her the promise that they won't hurt us. She nods in response.

"Don't come up until I say so, you got it kiddo?"

Tears swell up in her eyes but she manages to answer with a simple "yes". I give her hope by smiling but I'm sure she sees through the smoke and mirrors. How horrible that she has to live in a world without hope.


My hands are moist and sweat pearls down my forehead. I rub my hands togheter and muster up the courage to remove the first plank. They'll hear me, Sarabeth and her men I mean. They'll hear me tear the wooden planks off the door, the only thing protecting us from the outside world. Hopefully they don't have guns.

I remove the nails from the first plank and through the crystalized window of our front door, I see Sarabeth walking up the lane way apprehensively. I take off the second board and then the third. By the time I remove the fourth and final board, Sarabeth has reached the door step.

I open the door to my house and find myself face to face with Charlotte's mother.

"David...We we're waiting for you to open that door."

The way she says it, the fact she knew we were inside but didn't act upon it bothers me. Not in the conventional sense. It bothers me somewhere between common sense and spidey sense. I love theories. And this whole scenary smells of conspiracy.

"What...what are you doing here, Mrs. Olsen?"

"Why don't we come in and explain it all?" She says, a slight grin appearing on her face. The three men behind her don't move, don't look at me. They are standing in the middle of their makeshift perimeter and look stiff as stone.

"You can come in. Not them." I've known Sarabeth my whole life, and although something doesn't add up, she's still Charlotte's mother, someone I know and trust.

"Fair enough, David. Shall we go inside, then?"

I keep the door open for her but make sure to close it shut and lock it the moment we are both inside. Sarabeth removes her leather jacket and goes to throw it on the couch but does otherwise when she spots the blood that dominates the living room.

"What happened here?" Sarabeth says, a slight tinge of sorrow in her voice.

"Karl and Annie Lochlan attacked my family," David was about to say what he had to do but decided against the thought and simply added, "They didn't survive."

"I'm so sorry. Did anyone else survive? Anyone else but you?" Sarabeth asks me and I hear genuine concern coming through her question. I think about Greta, think about what is best for her safety. I can't jeopardize that. She deserves a full life. I trust Sarabeth but something seems off; and so I lie.

"No. Nobody else survived."

The Infected: What Happened to David Price (6)

six: we have visitors

I can't open the can of beans with this stupid can opener. The screw rusted a few years ago and mom never changed it. Now I'm struggling to open our last can of food before we are forced to go seeking for more. We avoided going outside now for the past three weeks, rationning what little food was left in the house before the world turned to shit.

I see the changes already in my body but I've prioritzed Greta's appetite over mind and she seems to have taken less of a hit. Her cheeks are still full, they haven't begun to cave in just yet.

As Greta looks on with eager eyes, I finally manage to turn the crank and begin to slice the lid off our delicious can of green beans.

"I promise we'll go out for food tomorrow. It's too dark out now. I knew we should have went earlier."

Greta puts her hand on my arm - without a doubt to reassure me - and when I look at her she has a smile.

"It's okay David. You're doing great so far."

I can't help but to grin myself. Greta hasn't officially told me but I know she forgives me for what I did to our family. Deep down she understands what I had to do now. The risks and perils have finally sunk in. She gets it.

"Okay, you put the plates on the table, I'll go rinse the beans in the bathroom" I say, and leave the kitchen.

I'm in the bathroom for a mere minute before Greta appears at the door with a certain fear in her eyes.

"Greta, what is it?"

"There are people on the front lawn. They're installing stuff on the grass, I saw them David. I swear they're there, it's not like last time. David, they aren't...infected."

She blurts out everything so fast that I barely take it all in. A week ago she had been sure there was some of them outside but when I got up to check the lawn was clear. This didn't seem like a repeated incident.

"How many people are there?" I drop the can of beans in the sink and kneel down to Greta's height.

She stops to think. "Four, there's four of them. And David..."

What has she forgotten to say, now? "Yes, Greta..."

"One of them - um, the woman - is Charlotte Olsen's mother."

"What? Are you sure?" Hearing Charlotte's name makes my heart jump into a frenzy. My mind races a mile a minute, trying to search the database of memories for anything and everything Charlie. I miss her so much.

"It was her, David. What do they want?" I didn't pick up on it earlier - I should have - but now I hear the fright in her voice.

"I don't know," I answer and grab the beans out of the sink, "but let's wait to see what their up to before we do anything, okay. We'll go have supper in the basement."

She nods and walks off towards the staircase. I linger in the bathroom for a minute, thinking of what we should do next and when my mind is set I join Greta downstairs for an awesome meal of cold grean beans.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Infected: What Happened to David Price (5)

five: boards up

I can't believe I'm about to go outside with them. I always thought I'd be ready to survive a zombie aplocalypse. I imagined that I would be the savior, somewhat of a town leader. Somehow I never pictured it as bad as this.  I look outside and see no town. I couldn't even save my family.

I turn to Greta. Poor Greta.

"I want you to lock the door the moment I walk out. When I'm close, unlock the door and let me in. You got it?" I make sure to keep eye contact with Greta; she needs to follow these steps. One wrong move and they can make a move. I had placed the wooden boards up with the intention of never taking them down.

From what i've gathered by watching the bastards roam the street is that they are slow. Quick at first, still got that extra bite in them; but then they slow down. And that's when they gather in mass. I've read about them way too much to be fucked by one of them any time soon.

I kiss Greta on the forehead and open the door. I've made sure the street was clear. There wasn't a zombie in sight. I step out and wait to hear the click and the clang of the deadbolt. The moment I hear it and know Greta is safe, I make my way towards my dad's Kia Sedona. When I near the car, I stop to contemplate the neighbourhood.

Onco street is normally quite busy at this time of day. People come home from work, they all take Palm Avenue and Onco Street. But there's no one. The streets are empty and there's an odd smell carried in the wind. I look out at one of the entrance of Maybell forest at the far end of Onco. Charlotte are I were there but only four days ago.

I snap out of it and realise how vulnerable I am in the open. I slide open the back door of the minivan and immediately see the pumps, right beside a Bratz doll. I smack the doll to the side, grab the pumps, and slide the door shut. I check around one last time, making sure I am not being stalked.

There isn't a zombie to be seen.

I run back towards the house and just as planned Greta opens the door just in time and slams it shut the second I'm inside. I lock the door and hand Greta her pumps. She takes deep hits out of both of them and I place the boards back up and for a while all that is heard is the hammer driving nails.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Everything Geek: Answering with Movie Quotes

To be part of the elite geek squad, you need to know your quotes; movie quotes, that is. Answering someone with a simple yes, a shrug, or a blunt no is just not lame enough to be considered geek. You need that extra jolt of nerdiness. In comes the movie quotes!!

If your friend knows nothing about movies - or to the least your massive obsession with movies - then expect to receive a massive dose of confusion face. Just explain. The quote loses its funny but your preparing that friend for more quote-answers!!

"It's the rules(, Dr. Gordon)" - Zep (Saw)

I use this movie quote a lot, even though Michael Emerson's character doesn't actually say the "Dr. Gordon" part. Use this quote when you want the other person to know that fairness has nothing to do with life.

Friend: "Oh my god, I got a parking ticket! That's not fair!"
Me: "It's the rules, Dr. Gordon"

"I have a feeling were not in Kansas, anymore." - Dorothy Gale (The Wizard of Oz)

Aha. This one I use whenever I'm somewhere I don't feel comfortable.

*looks out car window to find shacks and people crouched over crack pipes*
Me to friend: "I have a feeling were not in Kansas, anymore"

"May the force be with you" - Han Solo (Star Wars)

Most likely the ultimate geek quote. Use only when you want to cheer up the other person in times of stress.

Friend: "I'm so nervous, my driving exam is in an hour!"
Me: "May the force be with you!"

"I'll be back" - The Terminator (The Terminator)

Not to be confused with Stu Macher's "I'll be right back" line in Scream 1. You would use this quote in a situation where you are forced to retreat, but plan on coming back for more.

Teacher: "Sorry, you are two minutes late. I can't let you in the class"
*teacher closes door*
Me to closed door: "I'll be back"

These are my most used quotes. But there are random ones that slip their way into my vocabulary every once in a while. Such as:
  • You can't handle the truth - Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men
  • Afterall, tomorrow is another - Vivien Leigh in Gone With the Wind
  • It's elementary, my dear Watson - Sherlock Holmes in any and all adaptations
  • My precious - Andy Serkis in Lord of the Rings

What's your favourite quote-answer??

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Infected: What Happened to David Price (4)

four: inconvenient timing

I'm standing in the kitchen, still and quiet. I just boarded up the last window, securing our house as best I could. I try not to gaze in the direction of the pantry, but I seem unable to look away for long periods of time. They're in there. My family. Dead and shoved away in a tiny pantry.

I desperately want to run away. Not outside, not with them. I want to runaway inside my mind, lock myself up in a dream world where everything is good. Where everything is back to what it used to be. With mom, and dad, and even Rebekah, no matter how much I said I hated her before...before this. But my thoughts pull me back to life, back to where Greta is waiting for me. She needs me.

As I put away the hammer and nails, I drift back to yesterday. I was talking with Charlotte. Victoria Snow was picking on us, Rebekah had a date with Roy Dunst, mom made lasagna, dad worked late and didn't come home until way past our bedtime. And Greta. My heart stings when I think about her. She hasn't come out of her room since yesterday. She refuses to speak with me.

As much as I tried to reassure her, she doesn't grasp what is happening. I know. I knew it the moment Karl Lochlan attacked my sister. That lust for human flesh; it's only visible in the eyes of the walking dead.

I grab the bucket under the sink and fill it with hot water. I'm frightened by how methodical my reaction is. I should be like Greta. I shut the fawcetts, cutting off the only sound there was. It's driving me crazy. I slip on some gloves, lift the bucket out of the sink and walk towards the living room where once again, Greta is standing by the stairs.

She's wheezing and clutching at her chest. Damn it, not now.

"Greta, where are your pumps?!" I say, setting down the bucket.

She looks back. Towards the front door.

"I...forgot it...in the car."

In the car. Outside. With them.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Everything Geek: The Buffyverse

Oh the "Verse". All geeks out there will agree that to turn anything from cult status to geek status, you have to add the suffix "Verse". Such as Buffyverse. It's like the universe 'cept only with Buffy shit. Isn't that a world we all want to live in? My thoughts exactly.

The Movie
Joss Whedon was toying with the idea of making a movie revolving around female empowerment for quite some time. He wanted something different than the damzel in distress. His first idea would be centered around an immortal waitress named Rhonda. Yeah, right, aren't we all glad he didn't go down that route!!

What finally emerged from the rubble was a light-hearted, sometimes spazzy, teen comedy about sex, drugs, violence, and school bullying. Joss has written a darker script and he did express dissapointment with the final outcome.

The movie showcased Buffy as a ditzy cheerleader who goes against the grain and fights the path that was laid out for her. It could have been great, but execs turned it into a so-so pop-culture movie that made more people laugh then scream.

I find Kristy Swanson was perfect for the role. She portrayed Buffy just as brilliantly as Sarah Michelle Gellar did, although this statement would not be well accepted at a Buffy convention. They hate the Swanson!! Rounding out the cast is Donald Sutherland, Luke Perry, David Arquette, Paul Reubens, Rutger Hauer, and Hilary Swank. Yes, the same Hilary Swank. Check out cameos by Ben Affleck and Ricki Lake!

The TV Show (seasons 1-7)
I already blogged about my love for this series here and here, so you're free to check out what contradictions can be found between the posts. :)

Okay, so I know I've said this a gazillion times, but Buffy the Vampire Slayer is hands-down the best TV show ever made. For one hour it made teens around the world laugh, scream, cry, question. It made us fall in love with some of TV's most detailed and complexe characters ever written.

Yeah, sometimes there was filler episodes about sharkboys or preying manthis teachers but the core stories were always spot-on and Buffy was known for having some of the best season finales in its time.

It comes at no surprise that even to this day, us fans are still begging for more. When I say Joss Whedon is a God, I'm not kidding.

The Tie-in Novels
You know a series or movies has gained geek status when they start making tie-in novels. These books are rarely considered canon to the original storyline and oftentimes features the characters in a dreamworld or alternate reality.

They were really popular during the show's duration but eventually less were made when the series finished after seven seasons.

I have yet to read any tie-ins merely because it isn't Joss Whedon's work. And what I like about Buffy is the interactions between the characters, it's all in their body language. Not so sure how that would translate into words.

The Graphic Novel (seasons 8-9)
I really wanted to continue with the Buffy storyline and even almost bought the first graphic novel, The Long Way Home, but for some reason I put it back on the shelf. I read alot about the graphic novel continuation and it just seems all a bit weird. Buffy has a lesbian relationship, people have magical powers, Dawn becomes a giant. It all seemed too comic-y for me.

But while doing a bit of reading for this blog, I found out there was a season 9, which went back to the more subtle terror of the tv series. I'm slightly more tempted to start the graphic novels now!

With all this plus the countless fan fiction on the internet, you can't really go wrong. A chick that kicks ass is pure geek. At its best!

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

Friday, February 03, 2012

Everything Geek: Y: The Last Man

Most people have a bit of geek in them. Either you obssess over one particular movie, play online video games, read graphic novels, or just like to wear taped glasses and say things like "Bazoinka!"

Luckily for you, February is dedicated to Everything Geek. Let's start off, shall we?

Y: The Last Man

What it is: A masterpiece novel that uses graphic images to display its story. 10
Who created it: Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra

Why it rocks the geekdom: This story revolves around one man, Yorick, who must unravel the mystery of why he's the only living human male to have survived a freak plague that killed off every mammal carrying the Y chromosome, except the hero in question and his adorable - and oftentimes lifesaving - capuchin monkey Ampersand.

The ink work is superb in this series and that is what makes Graphic Novels soooo good: You can see peripeties unfold in the background that the main characters don't see - sometimes ever. Sometimes there are images or words that tilt their hat to other works. Sometimes you see characters conspire, other times you may catch references to illegal substances or taboo art hidden in the back.

But behind every great story, geeky or not, there is a love story of sorts. This time around, Yorick must find his girlfriend Beth who - call it bad luck - is backpacking in the Australian Outback. With every man just suddenly dying, getting to the Island Down Under is no easy task to accomplish.

Luckily Yorick finds help along the way. He meets lesbian oddball Dr. Allison Mann, who believes her experimental work on human cloning may have caused the plague. By far, one of the best female character ever written. She doesn't fit the mold in any conventional way and unlike TV or movie characters, you don't tire of her voice. Judging by her image, I'm guessing Dr. Mann has a very annoying voice.

There are several sub-plots especially surrounding Yorick's "bodyguard", Agent 355 and her ties to secret government agencies. She genuinely wants Yorick to live, and her will is unquestioned throughout the series which I find really endearing. I hate shady characters so to have 355 in the picture is awesome! And the woman can swing a nasty punch!

But for every woman he meets that want him to live, there are thousands who want to see the last man die.

A rich tale of love lost, families shattered, and mysteries lurking around every corner.

Have a great read, geeks!!

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Infected: What Happened to David Price (3)

three: I have to

Everything happened so quickly. Rebekah was out the door. Greta had ran up the stairs. George Price was trying in vain to get Annie off his wife. There was blood everywhere.

David stood in the doorway, transfixed by the events unfolding around him. This isn't happening. I need to do something.


Dad can't hold on forever. Annie is ripping mom a new face. I snap out of the dreamstate I was in and jump back to reality.

"GET OFF HER!" I hear dad screaming, his voice slightly different. I've never heard him so fearful and scared. Why is Annie doing this?

I go to grab Annie's arm to pull her off my mom when I hear it. Rebekah's high pitch scream.

My head snaps sideways and I can't believe what I am seeing. It just isn't possible. Rebekah is running for dear life back towards the house, towards me. Our eyes lock and sheer terror looks back at me. Rebekah is terrified. Then I understand.

Karl Lochlan appears from the left, a mere shadow of what he used to be. Dark, sulken eyes. Pale skin streaked black with veins. Blood all over him. He collides hard with Rebekah, smacking her against her own car.

"DAAAAVID!" Rebekah screams, never breaking eye contact with me. Her arm extended, silently asking for help as Karl rips a chunk of flesh from her shoulder.

Just then my mom screams and I hear objects crashing behind me. I can't look away. I can't leave Rebekah's gaze. Because I know what is happening.

It kicks in. It being anger, survival instincts, fear, whatever the fuck it is that ignites our flame when need be. I run outside, grab dad's shovel and extend it at arm's lenght, running as fast as I can towards Karl. I ram the spade through Karl's neck, ripping away the skin, flesh, and muscle that holds his neck up.

He slumps to the ground, as does Rebekah. She can't even talk. Blood is pouring out of her neck and shoulder wounds. Her left ear and part of her hair around it is gone.

"We need to get inside," I look around, spot another one by the intersection. I turn back and see Dad locking the back door, no sight of Annie. Mom is on the ground and she isn't moving. At all.

"Rebekah, we need to get inside now", I say and help Rebekah to her feet. She can't stand straight and I'm dragging her back to the house, the shovel staying firmly in my hand. I'm crying, she's crying and when I get inside I find dad crying over mom's lifeless body.

"Dad..." I take my time to lay Rebekah on the sofa. "Dad, I need something to stop the blood!" I'm nearly yelling yet he still doesn't respond. Mom is dead. What the fuck.

"DAD!" This time he looks at me and then at Rebekah. It sinks in. He's just about to get onto his knees when mom's eyes open.

"Oh, Theresa" Dad says tenderly, and I have no time to warn him. I should have known this would happen. Mom lunges forward and up, wrapping her jaw around dad's arm and chewing off as much flesh and skin as she can in one bite.

I grab hold of the shovel. I have to. I walk over to mom and wack her as hard as I can across the face. Dad is screaming, not because of his wounds. He's screaming at me but I don't listen. I have to.

I continue hitting her until she stops moving. I hear Rebekah moan on the couch, dad still screaming, unable to move because of his wounds.

Not once do I stop to think. When the dead can kill you with a scratch, you don't think. You act.

Dad knows what I'm about to do and he still doesn't understand what is going on. I guess it's normal. I mean, I've always thought zombies would eventually do us in but dad wouldn't know. This isn't fair. This isn't how it's suppose to be.

I raise the shovel and bring the spade down, severing dad's neck. I fall on my knees, leaning against the shovel's shaft. I'm bawling my eyes out. Rebekah moans again but this time it's more of a low rumble.

It's not easy but I have to.

Rebekah comes at me really fucking fast. I get to my feet and swing the shovel across the side of her head, sending her tumbling inside the kitchen.

"WRAAAGH!" She snaps her head up and those eyes that displayed fear earlier now only show hatred and hunger. Lust for flesh. I know about this way too much. She comes at me full speed and once again I smack her across the face, but this time I don't let up and keep wacking her on the head until she remains still.

I fall back against the wall, exhausted. I look around the room and the amount of blood and the smell of rot makes me nauseous. That's when I realise how much i'm shaking. I feel my heart beating through every part of my body.

Greta suddenly appears at the bottom of the stairs.

"David...what...what did you do?" She starts crying and makes her way towards the bodies.

"DON'T!" I grab her arm and yank her towards me. I hold her against my chest and hug her tightly. "I had to, Greta. For us, I had to."

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