Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 23th: Elderly R.E.S.P.E.C.T. and other rants

I haven't had a good rant in a while. And today is the PERFECT day for a rant.

Fat Snow Woman DietingSnow, buses, and bloody cellphones

It seems like every time the first snow hits the ground, people go crazy and forget how to drive causing accidents, which in turns, causes traffic, which in turns, makes me arrive late for work. Why? Because buses lose all efficiency in snowstorms. And to top it all off, I was stuck next to a fuckin' cellphone freak who not only had one conversation, not two, but three. Seriously, at 8h30 in the morning??

Overcharging and odd restrictions

Do you all remember when you had to pay to use interact? And then it was only small independently owned bussiness who would charge? Well, imagine that the University of Ottawa charges us 0.25$ every time we use our debit card on campus. Ridiculous, right? The B.L.T bagel is 5.37$. Small coffee is close to a toonie!!!! And then they charge you to use interact!! lmao!!

Elderly R.E.S.P.E.C.T. and dumb ass laptops
Snowman baby - Snow Scene
It took 10 minutes before someone offered up their seat to an elderly woman on the bus tonight after work. 10 minutes, and it wasn't even a young person, it was a woman in her late thirties, early fourties. I was so mad! I felt likle going up front and asking them what the hell their problem was! And then when I got home to rant about all this on my blog, it took over an hour before my laptop actually decided to start up. It would not turn on for some odd reason! Argh - never had this problem with the desktop!

Well, it wasn't really a big rant. More of a venting session. Yeah, that's it. A venting session.

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nobember 21st: A Facebook Launch!

I've officially started a facebook page for my blog!!

I've seen many bloggers manage multiple accounts related to their blog for publicity but also to interact directly with the reader. Facebook is a great tool to share videos, laugh at the same photo, and discuss over a heated status update.

It's a place where people can communicate, share ideas, and discuss the current events. I love having a debate over taboos, and find that some forums are heavy on the language and limited in the open-minded department.

Eleven's Ink at Wiki Wiki What is everything but limited. So come on over, click on Like and partake in the social discussion!

The page will contain exclusive videos and photos not seen on the blog, cool behind-the-blog stories, and micro-posts -stories too small to be published here!

Thursdays will be specially celebrated with links to some of my favourite blogs and bios on other bloggers.

Join me on "Current Event Mondays" to discuss the latest in news, sports, and entertainment!

Wiki Wiki What is expanding, don't miss out on the fun!! Reach us by clicking on the like button on the right or click on the link below the official facebook page photo!!


Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

November 20th: 2 br0ke girls

I stated previously in my blog that 30 minute sitcoms were just not for me. Then I watched 2 Broke Girls.

It's a hilarious show on CBS starring Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs as Max and and Caroline, two very different women working togheter in a rundown diner. It was created by Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings who is also producing and starring in her own show, Whitney, on rival network NBC.

Max is a sassy, joke-spitting, nearly poor waitress who also works as a nanny for a upper east-side rich family. Caroline was born into riches but lost everything when her father was busted for ripping off his investors. She gets a job at the diner where Max works at, and soon they become friends, roommates, and business partners.

The premise of the show is the girls trying to gather $250,000 to open their cupcake business which each show ending with a tally of how much they saved so far. They participate in odd jobs to make ends meat and collect every bit of coins they can to launch their enterprise.

It has been criticized for it's very raunchy humour, some critics calling it borderline racism but seriously, people need to lighten up. Have the critics seen the show The Game?? They often make crude remarks and stereotypical jokes about white people and nobody ever flipped a switch so as long as the jokes aren't gratuitous, it's all good in my books!

All in all, what makes this show work is the rapport between the two girls, Dennings and Behrs. They work so well togheter and seem to feed off each other's energy. It's almost a throwback to earlier situation comedies and you can truly see the chemistry between both actresses.

If you haven't caught up on this sensational sitcom, you still have time to get in the know!

What sitcom do you like? What are your thoughts about 2 Broke Girls?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Infected: Blog Story (14)

fourteen: not normal anymore

"What the fuck, Aleks!" I say the moment Felix finished barricating the front door to Romero Foods, the local supermarket the size of a two car garage. I quickly notice it's already been raided.

"I'd like to remind you I'm the one with the gun" Aleks says, and the tone is nothing close to friendly.

"Whoa. Let's chill out." Felix chimes in. Everything I thought about him before; the strong jock, the confident guy, all of that disapeared with the rest of humanity. He's nothing but a scared little boy. Funny how our roles reversed from our first day out of Del Rio. He still hasn't come to grips with this. We are our only way out. There is no plan B.

"We will not chill out! Aleks, what the fuck did you do? You killed those kids! You shot them!" I'm borderline hysterical, clutching at my brown curly mane, my eyes twisted in anger. I can't stand looking at her.

"They could have harmed us! Taken our guns! I've seen shit nightmares are made of, Charlie. You think it's those beasts, those pour bastards that you need to worry about?" She says, pointing at the ghouls that are banging against the storefront window. "It's not them you have to fear it's us. Humans. Men will rape you before they help you."

"Oh Jesus Christ, cut the crap Aleks. Those kids wouldn't have raped any of us. If you don't give me your gun, I want you to leave." I say, crossing my arms against my chest. I'm tired, I'm hungry and I want to find a place of safety. It's not here and it's not with her. I'm even doubting Felix's ability to survive.

"You want me to leave?" She laughs and it doesn't come from the heart nor the soul but from somewhere dark. Aleks is seriously unstable. "Do you want me to leave?" She asks, looking over at Felix.

He looks at me then back at Aleks. His reaction time is dissapointing. I thought Felix would have been with me on this, supported me in this decision. We both knew it would come to this it was just a matter of time before it did. If we wait, she may turn on us with those guns.

"Don't even bother, I'll leave." I don't even look at Felix as I make my way towards the door. I don't know what will happen the moment I open it, but I figure it's better then waiting for my turn at the receiving end of the pistol's barrel.

"Wait!" It's Felix, he has his hand against the door. His eyes staring back into mine. "Don't go," he says in a whisper, barely audible. The smooth skin of his cheek caresses mine. He turns and confronts Aleks. "We don't want trouble. But since you have the guns, I think it would be fair for you to leave. Give us time to gather some stuff."

He isn't super confident and I can hear the break in his voice. This world isn't the same. The sooner he realizes that, the better. We can't be pushed aside. Aleks looks like a young girl. But inside, she's an animal like the rest of us. That thirst for blood, for suvival, it always manages to find its way to the top. I don't want to be anywhere near her when it does.

"You guys are pathetic." I was expecting her to threaten us, force us into a corner and kill us point blank. She just struts over to the door and before walking out she turns to us. "You won't make it to California. You don't know this world any better then you did the last. Best of luck to you both." She winks and flips her blonde hair back and simply walks out into the streets.

As Felix runs over to secure the door again, I hear gunshots outside and my heart finally begins to find it's rythm again. She's gone. "I feel so much safer already" I say, sitting down in one of the aisles. I reach for something, anything and settle for a family size bag of peanuts.

Felix sits across from me with several chocolate bars. The place was looted and anything consistent or anywhere near nutritious had been taken. From the looks of it though, we still could walk away with several bags.

"Still want to go look for David?" Felix says, biting off a chunk of his Mars bar.

"Yes. I think going home will do us good. We have to make a decision, Felix."

"And what's that?"

I scoop up a handful of peanuts and chow them down in a second. I still have bits of peanuts in my mouth when I answer.

"We can't walk around forever. And I don't want to be anywhere near that crazy nutjob ever again; if she is heading to Cali, I say we look for David and head north. The west coast can't be the only safe place. It can't."

I make myself believe it. I've seen zombie movies before. Who knows if California is even safe. If anywhere is safe. As we sit and eat in Romero Foods, I finally take it all in. I will never see my family again. I drop the bag of peanuts and begin to sob.

I will always have to fight to survive.

November 19th: A French Revolution!!

I'm french-canadian. Maybe some francophone readers have not noticed it because of my main use of the english language, but I am certain anglophones have caught on that I don't master Shakespeares language.

Quebec, the province I live in, is the only francophone province in Canada. We have our own television networks and radio stations that cater to our linguistic preferences and every year, a slew of movies from La Belle Province are applauded across the world.

If you speak french, you should check out these 19 Produits du Québec.

Grande Ourse
A rare gem in Quebec television. The only hard sci-fi show and ohmygod did it ever kick ass! Because there is so little funding for arts and entertainment in Canada, big shows like these only air for one maybe two seasons with only 6-8 episodes each. More of a mini-series, really. They eventually made a movie several years later but it lacked the depth of the series' storyline. Stars my favourite Quebec actress Fanny Malette as Gastonne.

I blogged about this show before here. Once again, this is more of a mini-series since it's only one season long. The casting is flawless, the acting is amazing, and some scenes will seriously leave you crying. So good!

Bon Cop, Bad Cop
Probably one of the most famous Quebec movie out there. It is bilingual and is a satire/dark comedy about the stupid fight between anglophones and francophones in Canada. It is kind of funny but you have to be in a particular kind of mood to laugh.

Elles Étaient Cinq
This is a really sad movie about the reality of criminal rights. Five girls host a party at one of the girls parent's cottage. Manon and Sophie decide to head to town to get more alcohol. When they return, a guy in a jeep stops when Sophie sticks her thumb out. What happens next changes the lives of all five girls and shines a light on how tolerent we are at parole hearings.

The very first Quebec fairytale. It leans more towards Grimm then Disney though. But all in all, it's still very much a family film and it contains everything and anything that makes this type of movie magical.

La Guerre des Tuques
Oh a classic! Every Quebecker has seen this movie in their lifetime. It's a staple during the christmas holidays and it still has its place in 2011. Kids will be kids!

Nos Étés
This one is still too fresh to be a classic but it will hold that title in the future. An epic tale of family ties, families at war, and all set in different time periods that marked our nation. Stunning series!

Les Chevaliers d'Émeraude
A very popular children's book series about knights defending their country against the humanoid insects that come from across the sea. It has been rumoured that it would be made into a television series but that has yet to happen. A spin-off book series set after the events of the twelfth and final book of Chevalier d'Émeraudes was released a couple of years ago but I lost interest.

NRJ 104.1
The most popular french-speaking radio channel in Quebec. Many celebrities have hosted shows on this dial that has been refashioned from Energie to NRJ, the international chain of francophone music. Thanks to it we get french remixes of popular songs. Unfortunately we also get this:

Lance et Compte
This series has been around for 25 years, spawned 7 seasons, 6 TV movies and a big screen adaptation two years ago. It launched the career of Marina Orsini, who has become Quebec's sweetheart. It included real NHL hockeys teams into the drama and is the most sucessful francophone show in Quebec.

This film travelled the world and won numerous prestigious awards such as the City Award at TiFF, the Jury's Prize at the Morocco Film Festival, the Genie award for Best Motion Picture, and won the Audience Award at the American Film Insitute Fest in Los Angeles. C.R.A.Z.Y. uses classic rock music - mostly Pink Floyd - as a backdrop to the movie. It tells the struggle of a homosexual boy growing up in the 70's with four macho brothers and a very strict conservative dad.

Les Boys
Oh another classic movie. It was a major sucessful movie that was followed by three sequels and an equally sucessful tv show which is in its fourth season. It got a lot of critisicsm for having similar plotlines and ideas as Lance et Compte and even have some of the same actors. The theme song for the movie has become Eric Lapointe's most requested song. Let's listen to it.

Roméo et Juliette
Almost every country - or nation with enough ressources to finance a film - has remade Shakespeare's tale of star-crossed lover. In the Quebec version, the story has been modernized and depicts a harsh-reality of our social classes and how we've grown to accept it as is. One of the better versions of Romeo & Juliet.

Le Collectionneur
This movie is based on Chrystine Brouillet's bestseller of the same name. I absolutely loved the book about a detective trying to solve a string of murders happening in Montreal. The movie came out almost at the same time as The Bone Collector with Denzel Washington and it had audiences confused as the french translation for the Washington flick was similar to Le Collectionneur. Suffice to say, it's now become a cult classic.


This is a story most Quebeckers wished they hadn't heard. The true story of Aurore Gagnon - a severely tortured child who eventually died at the hands of her step-mother - has been told numerous times but none more painfully accurate then the 2005 adaptation by Luc Dionne, a remake of the 1952 film Little Aurore: Child Martyr.

Un Souper Presque Parfait
I guess you can compare this show with The Food Network's Dinner Party Wars, in which people compete for a grand prize by trying to out-perform their fellow competitors in the fields of hosting and cooking. In the Quebec version, it is five guests and and they are featured from monday to friday with each day reserved for one of the competitors. It is oddly entertaining!!

A vampire movie with Quebec slang. Ya, totally fucking hilarious!

From the author of the Amos Daragon series, Bryan Perro branched off several years ago to devellop a story set in ancient Egypt about a boy with the mystical powers to transform into a wolf. There is ALOT of characters in this one, in the same vein as Chevalier D'émeraude but the story is weaven so much more intricately.

Fanny Malette
I love this actress so much she deserves her own showcase slot! I first saw her in the supernatural series Grande-Ourse and have been feverishly stalking her every moves since. She stole my heart in Continental: Un film sans fusils, and her portrayal of the conflicted mother in Les 7 Jours du Talion can take anyone's breath away and reduce them to tears. Hands down, one of our bests. Her portrayal of Gastonne in Grande Ourse is an example of how much quirkiness is tolerated in television. She was cast against producers wishes in the series Nos Étés as Nora but soon convinced TV execs when her character became a fan favourite. I hated her, but I loved hating her.


If you are away from home, I hope you enjoyed this! What's your favourite thing Made in Québec?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

Friday, November 18, 2011

November 18th: Old Schoolers

Crap. This month is National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo for us geeks. The whole point of this is to blog every single day. Total and utter fail on my part.

I hosted an old-school supper with friends last night and one bottle of wine turned to three and by the end of the night I was singing, volunteering to host a bachelor party and dreading my day at work today. I can't believe I got drunk on a work night. Oddly enough, I was super productive at work and got all of my shit done before lunch. :) 

With that being said. I failed my mission. I will have more then 30 posts this month but because of yesterday I failed my NaBloPoMo 2011. *sigh* But last night was seriously worth it!!

Meat Lover Lasagna

1 can (796ml) Diced Tomatoes
1 can (680ml) Tomatoe Sauce
1 can (156ml) Tomatoe Paste
2 small packs of ground porc, veal, and beef (it comes in a trio mix)
1 red onion
1 bag (700g) spaghetti vegetable mix.
Pepper,sea salt, parsley, dill weed, cumin, and red pepper flakes to taste
I believe 6 slices of bacon for garnish but I can't remember...

Health-Conscious Lasagna

Same spaghetti sauce as the meat-lover (it makes enough for two big lasagnas)
Multi-grain lasagna
Low-fat ricotta cheese
baby spinach
low fat mozzarella cheese

The Last Supper-ish


Ohhh what a night! Laughs and nostalgia! And 90's music!! ahahaha

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Special NaBloPoMo Post!!

So i'm hosting a supper tomorrow and just finished preparing two different lasagnas and cleaning my appartment. I'm super tired and just trying to think of 16 things to blog about is giving me a headache. So it's special time!!!! Here are all the songs from the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the order they are in the episode!

Do I need to mention again that Joss Whedon is a TV God?

Going Through the Motion - Quite possibly the funniest one!!  Watch for when Buffy rescues the dude. Hahaha. Witty writing!

I've Got a Theory/ Evil Bunnies / If We're Togheter - The gang speculate as to why they are singing their thoughts. Couldn't find a video of the actual scene. :( Sadness because Anja's solo is hilarious.

They Got the Mustard Out - The dancers are actually producers and writers led by David Fury

Under Your Spell - Tara sings her true emotions, and maybe it isn't metaphorical.

I'll Never Tell - Anja and Xander question their upcoming marriage and because they can't control their singing, it comes out in this hilarious song. No video sadly but lyrics. There's lyrics!

Rest in Peace - My favourite one. It could actually pass as a song. And such a character twist for Spike compared to season 1.

What You Feel - Dawn gets taken by the demon who has cursed Sunnydale.

Standing - After Dawn's kidnapping, Buffy and Giles have a serious moment. This song expresses exactly what kind of bond Giles and Buffy had for 4 seasons.

Walk Through the Fire - Oh I love the Scoobie Gang! This one gives me chills!!

Give me Something to Sing About - Unable to contain the singing, Buffy reveals a major secret.

Where do We Go From Here - The gang questions their future now that they revealed their darkest secrets. Great ending!

What is your favourite show or episode?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Infected: Blog Story (13)

thirteen: overnight

"We can't wait here forever. The sun will set and it'll be too late. We need to go in now." Aleks insists, whispering to Felix and I as we lie in the tall grass, observing Romero from a distance. A large rain cloud was floating above us all day, threatening to unleash its wrath at any moment.

I  can see the auto repair shop that I broke into last week. Still see the blood smeared across the diamond squared windows, the shattered glass door. A row of bungalows line the street across from us and behind that is a field that stretches all the way to the forest's edge. To our left is what would be called centertown. Shops vary in shapes and sizes along the main road with Tony's auto repair shop standing firmly in the middle.

And all the space in between is occupied by walking corpses, decaying slowly as they walk pointlessly in circles, some continously walking into the same wall, others slumped against trash bins, moaning and cawing their horrible sound. The stench is unbearable.

"And what do you suggest we do, Aleks? The town is dead. There's no way we'll make it to a store, supply ourselves and leave unscathed." I try and keep my calm but my anger filters itself out through gritted teeth. She can't be serious. We need food, that cannot be denied, but I am not risking my life for a suicide mission.

"You tell us, Charlie. Your the one who Duked it out back there. How many did you kill with that staff?" She asks pointing at the bloodied branch i've been carrying since we left our hiding spot. The same spot where I single handedly took down several zombies. Felix doesn't say a word. So not surprised.

I knew this would somehow come back to haunt me. But I was sure it would come in a dream.

"I was trashed with adrenaline, Aleks. I don't know how I managed. As for that," I point to the swarm of rotting corpses walking aimlessly in the town square, "That is a whole other fucking ballgame."

"Then let the first inning begin. Who's keeping scores?" Aleks sounds excited, something gleeful escapes her mouth when she speaks. I have no time to drag her down, she's already running down the hill.

Felix sighs and shakes his head. "I thought she had stealth. I think I thought wrong."

"Come on, she's going to die down there." I hold onto my branch, my staff as Aleks called it. I look into Felix' eyes and before we run down to catch up to Aleks, he brushes the few curly strands of hair away from my face and leans in for a kiss.

It feels awfully out of place right now. I shy away. "Not now, Felix." I know he's hurt. But this isn't the time. I spot Aleks down by Main street, knocking out some zombies. She's smart enough not to use the gun at least.


Nevermind. "Let's go get her before all hell breaks loose."

"Kinda happened already" He says matter-of-factly. I grimace and run down the hill after Aleks.

What happened in the woods was nothing compared to how I feel at this precise moment. Seeing so many of them. Who were they? I try and shake the past lives of strangers out of my head as I knock 'em down but each time I bash a skull in I wonder what occupation they held, if they had children - or worst - parents. I never even knew I had this instinct in me, this will to survive. I'm so hungry.

"Guys, we need to get to the supermarket!!" I yell at Felix at Aleks who are both busy fighting off their own demons. Aleks seems to be enjoying it a bit too much.

"AHH!" I swing the branch sideways and wack the oncoming zombie across the face, ripping off its left ear and taking out its eye. It falls to the ground and I close in and stab the staff down into its soft, decaying flesh, and into its brain. It snaps one last time before going limp. I turn back to Aleks and Felix.

"I SAID WE HAVE TO GET TO -" Just then two boys come walking out of what looks like a music shop. One is armed with a electric guitar and the other is keeping watch. Survivors.

I see the movement. I know what is going on but somehow, I just can't accept it as truth. I feel the first raindrop on my skin. Aleks spins around and I swear it is in slowmotion. Her blonde hair blows in the wind behind her. She pulls her pistol out and without thinking, without even blinking an eye she brings down the two boys.

"NOOOO!" I'm running towards them, hitting random zombies as I make my way to the boys. I don't look at Felix, don't look at Aleks. I just run past them. The boys. They must be thirteen, fourteen. Just a few years younger then we are. Harmless. Their both lying there, still. As if being awaken from a dream, I finally take in my surroundings.

I hear Aleks and Felix fighting off the hoard of undead. I fight the tears, supress my anger, ignore the rage that is threatening my very survival. Get it togheter, Charlie.

Moaning erupts from my left and without even looking - partly because my gaze is fixed on Aleks - I stab my staff inside a zombie's eye socket and leave it there. I've been supressing my anger and sadness for too long.

"We need to get to the supermarket, now! We'll fortify if we need to. Give me your gun, Aleks!" The first lightening strikes in the background and the rain begins to fall hard.

"I'm not giving you my gun." Aleks says, stabbing her knife in the female zombie's ear and then kicking her in the stomach. "Lead the way," she adds.

I catch a glimpse of Felix. He is pale as a ghost. He can't even stand up for them, for me. We're going to die.

November 14th: 14 Memorable Commercials

We all have a favourite commercial. Sometimes it reminds us of someone we know, or someone we knew, of something past or present. Sometimes it just makes us laugh or cry or both. Sometimes we are awe-struck at how incredibly creative the commercial is. Sometimes it's just dumb. Here are 14 commercials that have stood out from the rest. In no particular order.

 This one still makes me laugh to this day! One of my favourites!

Technology has really gotten nifty. Deceased divas from the past return to support Dior

A harsh - yet funny - reality

Saw this one on a "world's best commercial" and boy is it ever hilarious!

Takes a lot for me to feel patriotic. This does the trick

I just like it for some reason. Celebrities who poke fun at themselves is rare. Let's take it

Classic Coca-Cola. Classic Commercial

So many other commercials have been inspired by this one. For Alia

This one really made people talk

This one passed around Facebook and had people guessing what the commercial was about before it ended

This one was suggested by a friend. It's effing hilarious!!

I had one of these!!! It shares it space with all other 90's toys commercial :)

Conan O'Brien. Period

Last but not least, the classic commercial:

Oh, those fuzzy blue thingys. What commercials have impacted you?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

sidenote: I can't fucking wait for NaBloPoMo to end. Yes, I said it.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

November 13th: Key of Awesome #13

There is this group, for lack of a better word, on Youtube that make hilarious parodies of Top40 songs. I will showcase the 13 most laugh-inducing ones. Seriously, prepare yourself to pee in your pants. Hopefully you are wearing pants...

13. The Key Parodies... Maroon 5

12. The Key Parodies... Pitbull

11. The Key Parodies... Adele & Angry Birds

10. The Key Parodies... Bruno Mars

9. The Key Parodies... Adam Lambert

8. The Key Parodies...Katy Perry (1)

7. The Key Parodies... Lady Gaga & Beyoncé

6. They Key Parodies... Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull

5. The Key Parodies... Eminem & Rihanna

4. The Key Parodies... Katy Perry (2)

3. The Key Parodies... Lady Gaga

2. The Key Parodies... Kanye West & Nicki Minaj...and Regis Philbin.

1. The Key Parodies... Foster the People

Hahahaha...these kids make me laugh. They have PLENTY more videos on their Youtube account Barelypolitical. They're so witty!!

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

November 12th: 12 Stars who Struck Gold Before 15

There are alot of celebrities that we have come to love that were around way before their famous years. Let's take a walk down memory lane and visit twelve stars who struck gold before fifteen years old and managed to keep their careers!!

Britney Spears
Best known for her adult singing career, Spears was headlining the Mickey Mouse Club at the tender of 11. She wasn't chosen for the show the previous year, but came back in 1992 and brought it home. The show was cancelled after the 1992-1993 season. But that wasn't the end of Britney. She came back in 1998 with the intent on taking over the music business. And did she ever succeed!! Here is her latest video for "Criminal".

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore was only 7 years old when she stole our hearts with her performance as cuty pie Gertie in her godfather's alien blockbuster ET: The Extra-Terrestrial. She continued acting with a string of roles alongside high-profile actors such as William Hurt, David Keith, and Keanu Reeves in Altered States, Firestarter, and Babes in Toyland, respectively. By the time she was thirteen, Barrymore had dabbled in drugs and was a chronic marijuana smoker, drinking heavily, and snorting cocaine with movie stars at Studio 54. She managed to clean up her act and in the mid 90's, Barrymore made a major comeback and is now a staple of Hollywood's romantic comedies.


Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake was also part of the famous Mickey Mouse Club. The show was cancelled earlier then expected but Timberlake wanted to pursue singing. He teamed up with another Mouse Club alumni J.C. Chasez and with the help of their manager Lou Pearlman, they formed N'SYNC. Clearly the frontrunner of the group, Timberlake eventually branched out into a solo career that eventually shot him to stardom. He transitioned into film with ease and will is starring in the current sci-fi thriller In Time.

Christina Aguilera
Before she became famour for being "Dirrty", Aguilera won the hearts of Americans by belting out "A Sunday Kind of Love" on Star Search. She lost the competition but soon returned to the small screen in The Mickey Mouse Club. She continued working with Disney, recording the Mulan song "Reflection". After a very pop first album, Aguilera shifted directions and changed her tune to a more urban vibe. She recently worked with Maroon 5 and is a judge and mentor on The Voice.

Dakota Fanning
Although considered still in her "child actor" days, Dakota Fanning has been in the biz for longer then most actors in their 20's and 30's. Her big break came when she starred opposite Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer in I Am Sam. Casting agents everywhere went ballistic and soon we saw the young Fanning in every other blockbuster. And in them, she always seemed to steel the scenes. Next up for Dakota Fanning is Twilight: Breaking Dawn and The Motel Life.

 Freddie Highmore
Another actor who still is relatively young. But Highmore has had his share of movie roles throught his young life. He first made a splash in Finding Neverland opposite Johnny Depp. Ever since, he hasn't stopped making movies, starring in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, A Good Year, August Rush, The Spiderwick Chronicles, and appears live as well as voices the character Arthur in Luc Besson's live action/animated trilogy Arthur and the Invisibles. He will next appear in The Art of Getting by alongside Emma Roberts.

Juliette Lewis
Few actors get me to watch a movie just because they are starring in it. Juliette Lewis is one of those rare talents. She first caught my eye in The Other Sister, where she plays a young woman with psychological problems. She was thirteen when she was cast to play Kate Ferrell in the tv show I Married Dora. She matured into more adult roles and eventually branched out into music. You have to watch her brilliant performance of Carla in The Other Sister. The scene that i'm sharing with you still makes me cry.

Ron Howard
Not your typical child star. Before becoming of the most popular directors, Ron Howard portrayed Opie Taylor on the Andy Griffith Show for eight seasons!! When the show ended, Ron followed that up with a role in Happy Days. He left the show to pursue directing and hasn't looked back. Ron Howard is the masterming behind hits like Cocoon, A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, Willow, and the deceiving Robert Langdon movies The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons. His latest project was The Dilemma which starred Vince Vaughn and Kevin James. He spawned awful actress Bryce Dallas Howard. *shivers*

Anna Paquin
Her first starring role, inthe film The Piano, garnered her praise and even earned her an academy award at the tender age of eleven. She followed it up with mildly succesful movies like Fly Away Home, Jane Eyre, and Hurlyburly. Paquin gained international recognition when she was cast to portray Rogue in the X-Men movie and later sequels. Although she is known for more independent movies, Anna jumped on board when she heard of a tv adaptation of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Since 2008, Anna Paquin has been starring in the hit HBO show True Blood.

Neil Patrick Harris
Harris started his career with commercial ads and guest appearances. His breakthrough role came when he was cast as the titular character in Doogie Howser, M.D. When the show stopped airing, Neil Patrick Harris struggled with early fame and notoriety. He chased after movie roles and recognition he would have to wait until 2004's Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle to rekindle that flame with audiences. That led to his most famous role, that of Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother


Raven Symone
Raven has topped many lists of cutest child stars thanks to her quirky and very mature performances as Olivia Cosby on The Cosby Show and Nicole Lee on Hangin' with Mr. Cooper. Ever since then she hasn't strayed too far from the kid genre. She produces and stars in most of her shows that are all geared to tweens such as That's So Raven!, The Cheetah Girls, and The State of Georgia. She also voices the characters Iridessa in my nieces' all time favourite movie Tinkerbell and ALL of its sequels. 

Sarah Jessica Parker
Her first role came at the age of nine when she cast as a dying young girl in the TV movie The Little Match Girl. Her big break, however, came ten years later with the films Footloose and Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Her career stalled after that and she had several supporting roles in such films as Hocus Pocus, Ed Wood, Mars Attacks!, and The First Wives Club. She gained international fame when she won the part of Carrie Bradshaw in the tv adaptation of a newspaper article entitled Sex and The City. Unfortunately, this relaunched her movie career that gave life to such box-office duds as Failure to Launch, Did you Hear About the Morgans, and the movie spin-offs Sex and the City and Sex and the City 2.

Sometimes you wished child stars would just remain in the shadows so that we could remember them fondly.  These twelve celebrities have proved that wrong. Except for Sarah Jessica Parker. PLEASE go back into hiding.

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink.
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