Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Infected: Blog Story (3)

three: theory boy

The humid smell of the big yellow bus was litterally making me ill. I looked back and could still see grams waving from the end of the laneway. I so wanted to be back there with her and spend the day playing chess just like we had been doing all summer.

Unfortunately, I was heading to the one place I was dreading and my best friend David was nowhere in sight. When the bus turned right at the end of the road and I could no longer see grams, I turned around in my seat and found myself face to face with Victoria Crow. She was big and tall and all nose. I swear it covered half that god-awful face of hers.

"Missing your gramsies?" She said as her posse of girls snickered behind her. If I had more confident and guts, I would have knocked her out right there. But that seemed to be against my nature. So I did as usual and just sat back and let Victoria torment me.

As soon as the bus stopped in front of the small, three classroom high school I rushed past the other kids, thanked the smelly bus driver and hurried into school so I could start the day and countdown the minutes before it ended.

I wasn't even two steps in when Victoria passed me by and knocked me to the ground.

"Watch where you're going, stick bitch"

They laughed and even the other kids didn't stop to offer some help. I was use to being the target but sometimes I wished someone would stand up to her. Ugh, I hate high school. I could feel my cheeks go bright red with heat and I could not hide my misery quick enough.

I finally got to my locker and glanced at my timetable. Great, I was starting with geography with Mr. Vincent; he was plump, his face was beat-red and he often shared his saliva when going on and on about his love for peninsulas. This is going to be a long day.

When the bell (finally) rings, I manage to gather my books without harrassment and walk out of school where all the kids are crowded togheter with no teacher around to supervise us. Perfect time to play Pick-on-Charlotte. Except that doesn't happen and soon enough I know why. I can hear Victoria and her team of followers laugh at someone else. David.

"Hey Theory Boy, came to kissy kiss with your girlfriend?" She said, as loud as could be making sure everyone heard her. She obviously enjoyed making my life as miserable as could be as evident by the smirk that curled around her bulbous nose.

David walked past the crowd of rowdy teens and made his way towards me. I couldn't contain my happiness and wrapped my arms around him as soon as he was close enough for me to do so. I felt so good in his arms, as if nobody could hurt me anymore.

As much as I felt good when around him, his facial expressions didn't match my eagerness. SOmething about his curved posture suggested David wasn't feeling right.

"David, what's wrong?" I ask, but not before he suggests we walk home instead of waiting for the bus. The fact that he wasn't at his own school didn't even cross my mind.

"You know me too well, Charlie" He says, grinning as he does. "I didn't want to tell you, but..." He hesitated. David never hesitates when talking to me, we are one, we are honest with each other. A twinge of miscomfort runs up my spine.

"David" I let out, prolonging the vowels as if I was five years old again. I can't stand cut offs like that. "Just spit it out already"

"Well, you probably heard of the all the shutdowns of Drake facilities around the world?" David starts off but I just look at him with a straight face. I have no clue what he is talking about.

"You haven't heard of all the closures? Drake Foods is going out of business."

The way he says it kinda raises my curiosity. "And that is what upsets you?"

"No, of course not. I've been doing a lot of research for my theory blog and I came across some very, very interesting information. Charlie, your parents' Tokyo branch is also closing down." He says it so fast that I have to ask him to repeat it. How could he possibly know all of this before me?

"Okay, my parents didn't mention anything...You sure this isn't just another one of your..." crazy theories, I'm about to add but decide against it. David is somewhat touchy and he would most likely snap if I added that comment. It wouldn't surprise me to find out he is saying the truth. I hardly speak to my parents apart from the occasional phone call between conferences.

"You know i've been checking this out for a while. Something is fishy and it has bothered me ever since they found those decaying cows that were somehow - somehow - still breathing. Come on, Charlie, you have to admit it's weird" David adds, giving me that odd angular look he has when he is really excited about another conspiracy of his.

"Zombie cows, closing food plants, and a pharmaceutical company. Please give me the right to find all of this a bit odd, David."

"You should talk to your parents. I'm on the tip of discovering something big, I swear!" He continues with a bit more zeal then one should express.

We finally reach the oak tree that separates our way home. He is heading left towards the lake and I am heading west towards town. David suggests we meet up tomorrow after school as well and I gladly accept his invitation.

As I watch him leave and ponder what he has just told me, I have that sinking sensation that I will never see David Price again...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stardom - Movie Review

Besides being a movie fanatic, i'm a compulsive buyer. Combine the two and you have HMV's target client. Moi!

While roaming the alleys several years back, I stumbled upon a movie that sported a rather bleak cover with the title Stardom on it. I was litterally standing in front of the display for quite some time pondering the origin of the word. Is it english or french? That is basically my first question for everything as I have grown up mashing both languages into what is commonly known as franglais or Frenglish, depending on which side you see it.

Back to the point, well some would say THAT is the point. Most people remember Bon Cop, Bad Cop as THE bilingual movie of all times but before that, there was a gem of a film which happened to be my newly purchased item: Stardom.

It stars Jessica Paré as a model/actress who goes from zero to hero in the matter of second and really explores this new phenomenon known as paparazzi. It does not hide the dark sides of the business and really sinks into the mainstream media and how aggressive they can be with young starlets who are fresh in the business.

Paré is flawless throughout the movie and her quirky looks work really well for her in this movie. You can see the transformation from shy, naive caterpillar to full blown liberal butterfly. Her subtle facial expressions really speak volumes especially in the scenes she shares with Dan Aykroyd. They have that connection that engages you into the movie and that's what sold me.

The movie flows really well between scenes and it is shot documentary-style not unlike Behind The Music. The cinematography by Guy Dufaux is breathtaking with panoramic views of Montreal and Toronto and beautiful shots of the varied landscape found in Canada. It is as much a tribute to our Country as it is to up-and-coming stars.

The movie is somewhat dark and unapologetic but don't be fooled by the "film noir" tag it was given during it's festival rotations, this movie is as much about being humble and remembering your roots as it is about exposing the nastiness of paparazzos. A must see for movie-lovers.


Jessica Paré as Tina
Dan Aykroyd as Barry
Thomas Gibson as Renny

Jessica Paré is like a mix between Anne Hathaway and Liv Tyler and if you are wondering where it is you saw her, here is a small filmography:

Lost and Delirious - Victoria
Wicker Park - Rebecca
The Death and Life of Nancy Eaton - Nancy Eaton (reallyyyyy good TV movie)
Suck - Jennifer
Mad Men - Megan Calvet

Did you see the movie? What did you think?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Infected: Blog Story (2)

Two: Eggs for Breakfast

I’m running around in circles wearing a very odd hat on top of my curly brown hair. I’m just about to trip when my eyes dart open and I jolt upright in my bed, pearls of glittering sweat beading down my neck. I have gooseflesh. I lazily remove the damp sheets off of me and roll out of bed. I notice it’s still dark outside and judging by the silence I figure it’s roughly four in the morning. Today is September 2nd and it’s my first day at Del Rio County High. I have been dreading this day since I graduated from junior high back in June.

While most of the kids my age were anxious to finally enter the “big school” as my father called it, I was not anticipating this day at all. Firstly, I am the school mascot but I don’t wear a suit and people mostly laugh at me rather then with me. Secondly, I will not be sharing classes with David since he is heading to the all-boy school several miles from Del Rio.

As I make my way towards the stairs and run over my excuses to stay home from school, I am suddenly distracted by an odd sound coming from the kitchen. I pass what used to be my parents room and notice the time on the clock. 5h32. Later then I thought.

I creep down the stairs to the main living room and still can’t make out the source of the noise. It almost sounds like metal scratching against metal. I walk by the door to the basement and notice the lights are out. Grams must be sleeping. I’m getting braver as I approach the galley kitchen. The swinging door is swaying slightly as I put my hand on it and push it open.

Grams is whipping up some eggs and is caught off guard by my sudden appearance.

“Jesus Christ, Charlie, you scared the living daylight out of me” Grams manages to say between gasps. She rests the bowl on the counter and glares at me.

“I thought you were sleeping” I answer, walking up to her and giving her my morning hug. “What are you making?”

“Scrambled eggs. I thought you might like that for your first day. What are you doing up so early?” Grams returns to whisking the eggs. I make my way around her and grab some apple juice from the refrigerator.

“I couldn’t sleep. Hey why didn’t you buy some Drake apple juice?” I ask after taking a good swig straight from the container. It was just another generic brand juice that tasted very bitter and little of apple. I shudder.

Grams stops whisking for a split-second and her expression changes but only for a bit. She smiles and looks back at me.

“They were sold-out” She answers and pours the egg mixture into the sizzling pan.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Maple Leaf ♥ Part II: The Views of the Great Lakes from the CN Tower

Canadian films have been come a long way since Porky's. Let's take a look at what Canucks have done in the world of movies!

Views of the Great Lakes from the CN Tower

Chloe (2009)

Although the main cast is mainly composed of Americans, this movie by Canadian director Atom Egoyan is simply outstanding. He brought back his fetish actress Julianne Moore as a desperate housewife hell bent on pushing the boundaries of her marriage to test her husband. If you like movies like Unfaithful, you will love this movie!

C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005)

A gay youth in 1960's Quebec must deal with homophobia within his household and the challenges that come from being different amongst four very traditional brothers and a strict father. There also jabs at the Catholic Church and how involved it was in the running of a Quebec household. The cast is flawless and this movie was praised around the world and launched Marc-André Grondin's international career. The soundtrack is killer! You can currently find this movie with English Subtitles on Netflix!

Last Night (1998)

This movies boasts an outstanding cast including Sarah Polley, David Cronenberg, and Sandra Oh! I feel I must always put an exlamation mark (!) after her name. Sandrah Oh! Distracted. This movie tells the story of several characters as they live out the last night before the end of the world. Something about Canadian movies make them feel more genuine. Maybe it's the lack-of-budget, but cinematographers really have to be innovative with the material. This one is beautifully shot and ladies and emotional guys, keep a box of kleenex by your side.

It's not the end of the world...there's still six hours left.
Shivers (1975)

So I love myself a good horror movie. When I was younger there was daily specials at Videotron based on the genre. On "Horror" day I could rent an older movie for $0.77. That's how I stumbled upon David Cronenberg's terrifying Shivers. The movie takes place in a resort hotel in Montreal where little leeches are slowly taking over the complex. It is very much a satire about sexual exploration as the leeches cause their hosts to have an extremely high sexdrive. I have since watched every Cronenberg film and I highly suggest you do the same.

Jesus of Montreal (1989)

I only watched this movie a few years ago when Denys Arcand came out with his latest film at Cannes. The interviewer had mentioned how impressive Jesus of Montreal was and how it had opened his eyes to religion. I had to watch it. The stunning reality of the Church and the somewhat retelling of Jesus' life through Daniel is simply breathtaking. This movie can be seen dubbed since it came out before people realised that subtitles are much better then awful voice-over work.

Ararat (2002)

Atom Egoyan at his best (he can't really go wrong, he's a genius). I watched this movie earlier this year during the Armenian Week at Uottawa. I had no idea that Armenia had been subject to genocide and it is still being denied by the Turkish government. With most of Egoyan's work, you HAVE to keep a box of kleenex close by. Christopher Plummer is outstanding in the role of a Canadian customs agent who struggled with liberal views from all sides. A true depiction of the older generation unable to break free from the conservative reign.

Ginger Snaps (2000)

You haven't watched this film? Do it.

Cube (1997)

Thank God for Showcase. This movie was a regular fixture on the cable channel and I will stop anything I am doing if this movie plays. What makes it so good is that you know what the characters know. There is some foreshadowing and hints as to what is to come and who or what is behind the Cube but most is left to our imagination (unless you watch Cube 2: Hypercube and Cube: Zero). This little gem of a movie proves that talent goes a long way since it has spawned two sequels and one hell of a cult following. You like conspiracies, you will love Cube.

Other Great Movies from Canada (but not all)

Bon Cop, Bad Cop - It's a good comedy. Is it as good as critics say? Mehh...
Porky's - I don't get the raunchy humour and the gratuitous nudity. In a porno, ok. A "best-of" list? Not so much.
Black Christmas - The original with Margot Kidder. Really creepy. In the weird way, though.
Elles Étaient Cinq - OMG, if you love Quebec movies, you will cringe and cry and laugh and scream while watching this touching story of five girls who head for camp. But only four come back. :( :(
Lucky Girl - Ok so this is a made-for-TV movie but it is really good and it stars Elisha Cuthbert.

Any other movies that should have been listed??

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Infected: Blog Story (1)

One: Introductions

Growing up in a small border town like Del Rio, Texas had its ups and downs. On the upside of life, my parents owned half the town. On the downside, it’s hard as hell trying to survive high school when the entire graduating year made it their personal goal to taunt you for being the rich, ugly duckling. Yup, that’s me. I’ll introduce myself; I mean might as well, I am sharing my life story with you.

My name is Charlotte Olsen, although everyone I know just calls me Charlie. That circle of intimate encounters is limited to my family and my only friend, David Price. I have yet to grow in my own skin, something other kids noticed as well. I don’t mind being the social outcast of the town despite my mother’s countless jabs at my outer awkwardness.

When I was younger the neighbours decided to use me as a human piñata. As if beating on a small girl wasn’t malicious enough they chanted out loud, making up a song about how scrawny and weak I was. The Holloways were cruel and unruly and I expected my mother stand up for me when I cried out what happened. Instead of comforting me she asked me, “What will it take for you to have friends, Charlotte? Huh?”

I think it was at that point that I decided I would just pretend nothing wrong was happening in my life. I would come home, say hi, and head to my room.

When I was sixteen, my entire notion of family shifted. Father announced that he and my mother would expand the company and make ties with international partners. They we’re enlisting the help of Auntie Lucy, my mother’s sister. She had several bachelor degrees in the field of administration and accounting; she had offered her help at the drop of a dime. They would relocate to Tokyo, Japan. Mother assured me that they would come back twice a year for several weeks. I pretended to care.

My grand-parents were going to come live here. Although my parents were comfortable enough with leaving me for several months, they insisted I don’t move so I don’t get distracted in school. I felt like saying to my father that if they had been listening at all I had been telling them that I was distracted in school already, but thought against the idea and listened to my father as he told me this somewhat trivial  news. I barely knew my parents anyhow and vice-versa so who cares if they go live across the world, right?

Yeah, right. Little did I know, my parents were about to cause one of the world’s largest war ever known to man.

The war against the living dead.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bad Hare Days

I have terrible luck with the furry little creatures.

It was late in July, the year is 2010. My two uber-cute and loveable golden retrievers were outside doing their thing before I went to bed. It was dark outside and the neighbourhood was calm. I was sitting by the pool, reading Brisingr, partaking in youthful delinquency when I noticed the silence in the backyard.

I looked over my book and couldn't see my dogs anywhere. I laid Brisingr down on the lawn chair and made my way around the gazebo, thinking maybe they had decided to rest under the cool cedar hedges. Nope, no sign of Bellatrix or Inana.

And that's when I heard it. The high-pitch squeal. It sounded very much like a squeeze-toy so I didn't think much of it but then I saw the hedges, that wrap around the backyard, start to move and shake violently.

"BELLA!" I yelled, calling her out of the hedges. The youngest of the two, which we affectionately shortened her name to Nana, came strolling out tongue dangling to the side of her face. Bella, who was unfortunately born with hip displaysia, did not come out. The cedars continued shaking and the squealing intensified.

I thought she was fighting for dear life. I ran to the hedges and called her out again. This time she listened and walked out with what looked like a mouse in her mouth. My dogs never, and I stress that word, displayed any sign of being Hunters; so naturally I told her to drop it because:


b) it was still squealing :(

For some odd reason, that I still don't understand to this day, she would NOT let the little thing go. I tried opening her mouth (snout?) but that didn't work. Bella was not only a super friendly dog, she also listened very well (as oppossed to Nana...who is Hades' hellbeast tucked away in a super cute dog's body) so her behaviour was really weird.

She did listen though when I told her to move onto the patio and told her to stay. I go inside, quickly grab a bag, contemplate on waking up my mom or calling the vet (lol) and then decide against it, and shoot right back outside where Bella is still sitting, mouse in mouth. It hadn't squealed in a while...

Except I notice, now that Bella is under the yellow light that the little furry creature in her mouth is not a mouse but a leveret, a baby hare. It's not that I don't care about rats...But seeing a baby hare is alot more heart wrenching then a baby rat. Just sayin'

At that point, I just think of what happened in the hedges. :`(


I think my dog sensed that I was angry. But she didn't just just open her snout and let the thing fall out. She placed the baby hare down. I could see that she felt bad. This was her first "kill". Poor thing. I scooped the little hare into the bag and ordered my dogs inside.

Once in the garage I placed the bag on the freezer, thinking of what the hell I was going to do with it. I didn't want to just put it in the garbage. And then it squeaked again and the bag moved a bit. I love animals and seeing this was really hard to digest.

I thought litterally about everything. Ending it's suffering, placing him back in the hedges hoping for the best, calling the vet in the morning. I of course couldn't go through with idea #1. Idea #3 seemed like a good idea but I was working in the morning and had NO desire of staying up all night, nursing a baby hare. So I decided on Idea #2 and placed the little guy back under the hedges where Bella attacked it.

Next morning, my lil fella wasn't there and later on we found more. Some were alive, some weren't. My brother and sister-in-law took in the two that were ok and nursed them until they could fend for themselves and then brought them to their homeland.

Bellatrix was sadly hit by a truck later that summer. I know some of you are probably laughing at that sentence and it's okay. I grieved my dear dog that I named after a very mean character from Harry Potter. But also because it was latin for "The Female Warrior". She limped because of her hip displaysia and was so so gentle. Don't tell Nana, but Bella was my favourite. :)

Bellatrix greeting Inana :)

Inana being all cute. She's chubby now. lol

Imagine, that's only one story. Yesterday, up at the cottage, My brother's dog appeared from the tall grass with a medium sized hare. If that wasn't sad enough, my seven year old niece began crying and repeating "He killed it" which in turn made her four year old sister cry and soon the two we're huddled against their mom's legs crying.

I suggested we have a funeral and made a little cross with branches and twigs and dug a tiny hole. I placed the hare in the hole and shovelled the dirt back over it but only after my oldest niece placed a few flowers beside the furry animal.

I said a few words and we talked a bit followed by a bit more crying but being at the cottage is never dull and soon the girls put the death of the hare behind them and we enjoyed the rest of the Sunday togheter.

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

London Bridge is Falling Down

If you have been watching the news or you are a friend on facebook, you must have heard about the insane rioting that is currently going on in the streets of England.

Tottenham - August 6 2011

Suspected drug dealer Mark Duggan was shot and killed by police officers earlier in the month. On August 6th, a peaceful protest was held to remember the man and also to denounce Police Brutality. What happened next was, to put it simply, unexpected.

Looters and low-life assholes took to the street and began trashing and looting the stores. People set cars ablaze and began attacking police officers who were trying to calm the crowd.

It is still unsure WHAT exactly disturbed the folks and incited them to rebel in the streets but videos and one-day-sites seem to be putting the blame on the beating of a 16 year old girl who was riotting.

Seriously, doesn't matter who you are or what age you are, if you can handle a baton and trash someone else's property, you should be detained. Period. Looking at videos of what is happening will litterally leave you restless and powerless. People act nowadays with selfish reasoning. They vandalize and steal on the pretence that they are poor and that the rich have taken it from them.

Get a fucking job.

They trash property and litterally terrorize neighbourhoods to denounce police brutality. Is there anything more Ironic then fighting violence with violence? In Russia, 1 in 27 rioters will get their skull fractured. I am by no means condoning any act of violence, but if someone can willingly grab an object and use it as a weapon, they should be treated like a criminal. Why riot police just stand back is beyond me. That is not controlling the crowd, that is letting the crowd control itself. "Let's wait for it to calm down" they say. It's been 3 long nights for the people of London and neighbouring towns. Say that to them!

Say that to the most of the world, who still view England as the reigning country of Europe. I'm just beside myself at the animalistic behaviour of a so-called civilized people. I hope that something will be done quickly to ensure the safety of the people and also send a message out there that violence solves nothing.

If you want to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes, here it is for all of us to witness.

What is this world coming to?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

50 stupid random things.


1. I have brown eyes (!!)
2. I am a Taurus
3. wait a minute, imagine somebody stumbles upon this and decides to steal... I overthink about everything
4. I love graphic novels
5. I chew my nails. A lot.
6. I am deathly afraid of anything that zooms/flies near me. Paper planes and snowflakes included
7. I have a blog, hence I am a "blogger". Lol. blogger.
8. I tuck my blanket under my feet when I sleep because I don't dare leave them exposed
9. My favourite popcorn is Jiffy Pop
10. My first kiss was in 5th grade behind a tree. Took all recess for me to sum the courage to do it LMAO

11. I hate real maple syrup yet love Aunt Jemima's sugar concoction. Mmmm
12. If you ask me what is my favourite movie, I will give you a different answer everytime
13. I'm bisexual. Big deal, right?
14. I'm tall but I don't know how tall
15. I play with my ears alot. I know, ew
16. Oh, I have glasses!
17. I am NOT a ginger
18. When i'm tired, I rub/scratch my eyes (they're closed)
19. My favourite book of all times is The Chrysalid.
20. I have a fear of deep/open water.

21. I have a birth mark on my cheek
22. I loved Kill Bill 1/ Hated Kill Bill 2. (it's not even worth a link)
23. I busted a truck's tail light the second week after I got my driver's license
24. Annette Bening is my favourite actress
25. I love the Harry Potter books
26. I apparently adore Celine Dion
27. My one-seater couch is as old as I am
28. I am in much better condition then my one-seater couch
29. I am half-danish
30. I have native american blood

31. I got 3 stitches on my forehead because of a Lunchmate Lunchbox
32. I never broke a bone touch wood thank God
33. I have dry elbows
34. My favourite food eveeeer is mac and cheese (homemade)
35. I am somewhat of a vegetarian since March 2011, I sometimes eat chicken. Or peperoni sticks when drunk.
36. I have stitches in my head because of an exposed metal beam in a "haunted house"
37. I have two siblings
38. I watched What Lies Beneath and Hollow Man twice in theatres
39. I walked out of The DaVinci Code. Only movie I ever walked out on. Terrible
40.I didn't walk out of Open Water and regretted that one

41. My favourite holiday is Halloween
42. I am 25 years old. Yikes!
42. I love seafood
43. My alarm clock has been with me for approx. 20 years. Still use it, still love it. Trusty alarm clock
44. I might be the world's biggest procrastinator
45. This blog was first entitled 100 stupid random things. See statement above
46. I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer religiously
47. I unfortunately hold on to nothing and throw a lot of crap out.
48. I believe Lili Taylor deserved an Oscar for her turn in The Haunting. Seriously, fool
49. Once I ciment-burned my ass while going down a stupid rapid at Parc Safari. I was too small for the tube
50. This is my favourite song from the Emmy nominated episode "Once more with feeling" from BtVS:

If any of these statements have led to confusion, please do not hesitate to ask me a question.

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Jesus Murphy: Blog Story (29)

- Chapter 29 -

When the doors to the abandonned mill opened, the scenary was not what was expected. The Sicarii were standing behind the gate, lined side by side. The Adephi were nowhere to be seen and only Anna Simeon stood in the unkept courtyard, long strands of grass blowing in the wind around her.

Madonna stepped outside and Michael followed, ordering the remaining Agents to stay behind and secure Jesus in case this was a trap. The sun blinded both of them for a split second and when their eyes fully adapted to the bright outdoors, they came face to face with their nemesis.

"You still believe you can control this so called prophecy, can't you, sister?" Anna said, shielding the sun from her eyes with her left hand. Her right hand holding what looks like a scroll.

"It's not about control, Anna. It's about letting time do it's thing. It isn't to late to reconsider where you stand." Madonna pleaded, knowing full well that she had lost her sister to the dark lies of the Fallen One.

"That boy you are hiding has got to die, no matter what. Why not send him off now rather then later? What's in it for you, Madonna? Not ready to part with this world?"

Jesus wanted so badly to go out there and defend himself but the hundred or so Agents around him would quickly subdue him.

"It has nothing to do with me. The balance of the Birthplace depends on these Shadowlands. We can't mess around with that, Anna. Come to your senses." Madonna shot back, extending her arm to stop Michael from lashing out at Anna.

"I am fully aware of the Birthplace and the reign they hold over us. Don't you think it's time we seal everything up and fight the real battle? Why do we keep waiting for faith to deliver our freedom when we can rip it out from under it's nose?"

"If you kill Jesus now, this Shadowland will be wasted and it'll be another victory for the Fallen One. What has he promised you?"

"Why do you deny your origins, Madonna? We don't belong in the shadows, we deserve the light, the glory. We destroy this place and we can conquer all of them. He promised me freedom and power, something our Father could never do."

Madonna looked back at the Agents who were eager to stop this war and let the natural course of things unfold. She knew their could be no more negotiations. It was time to act.

"You sealed your fate, Anna. I will not go down without a fight." She placed the tips of her fingers to her temple and suddenly a purple wave of light shot around her, knocking the Sicarii and Anna to the ground.

That was the signal Jesus had been waiting for. It was time to heal.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Jersey Shore!

If you don't know the Jersey crew, then this blog post ain't for you!

So Thursday was the premiere of Jersey Shore in Italy. The trashy Guidos and Guidettes headed to their "home" country to wreck even more havoc and shlump their reputation to a new low. Who doesn't want to witness that??

Except that didn't happen. The premiere episode was kind of a snooze off and at one point, I contemplated switching the channel. Thank God I didn't because I got to witness the preview for the upcoming season and it. looks. epic.

If you have missed the first three seasons of MTV's most watched reality series, then drop the GTL and stream that shit. You seriously don't know what you're missing!!

Like these moments:

Snooki gets smacked, not smooshed

Deena AKA the hamster hams it up New Joisy style on Ellen

Sam and Ron fighting. It's the norm, not the exception. And they're drunk idiots.

And then the whole house ignites sometimes. just sometimes.

The most notable star of this show has to be Snooki with her hilarious comments such as:

"Italy's like that big country.
No, Europe is that big country.
They have Britain, England, and Italy"


"I’m not trashy, unless I drink too much"

Basically, you have to watch this show. No other option. Sorry.

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Maple Leaf ♥ Part 1: The Sounds of Maple Syrup drizzling over Back Bacon

So I just finished watching Ginger Snaps, a raw and edgy Canadian drama/horror film and it always makes me proud to be from the land of natural air conditioning. We Canadians have been pumping out talent for ages and it's time for us to celebrate those who have marked our great country. 

Sounds of Maple Syrup drizzling over Back Bacon

Alanis Morissette

Jagged Little Pill was the first tape I ever owned and it was a birthday gift from my god-parents. It came with a sony sport cassette player, another first. I was young, I believe 10, and hearing the word 'bitch' in a song was simply fascinating. There isn't one song on this album that sucks and I have been a fan since. To all the haters, watch this:

The Guess Who

No, no you don't have to guess who's next, that's the bands name! The Guess Who songs were often played or sung in my house and I still listen to No Time with the same enthusiasm as 20 odd years ago! Have no fear, and search this band out on youtube (if you don't already know who they are!)

Céline Dion

This international award-winning singer couldn't go unnoticed in this celebration to Canadians. She litterally put Quebec on the map when she was introduced to an American audience in the early 1990's. Since then she has become a musical emblem of sorts and has established herself in Las Vegas, where she reigns over the Sunset Strip. To me, THIS is how I will forever remember her:

Ya heard? TAKE A KAYAK!

Justin Bieber

Ugh, I cringed when I wrote this. Go Canada...Go...

The Tragically Hip

What is really sad about the relationship between me and this band was that it only develloped five or six years ago when I actually broaden my musical horizons. That's when I discovered 38 years old, The Hundredth meridian, and Blow at high dough!

Neil Young

Oh another late discovery for me. Thanks to my friend Yasmina, I was blessed with the sounds of a very talented singer. He's comparable to and, if I can say so myself, slightly better than Johnny Cash. I'm sure you heard his songs in the early morning of your childhood when Ma and Pa we're crooning out his tunes!

Shania Twain

As much as Céline Dion defined the Pop genre in the 90's, Shania shook things up herself in the western world of Country. After dominating the charts in Nashville, she succesfully crossed over to Pop for a few years at which point she decided to focus on her family and move to Europe. And we all know how THAT ended up.


Yes I know, he just started his career, but so did Bieber. And Drake outperforms Bieber tenfolds. And who can't admire his rise to fame story. Check out his songs "Over" and "Best I Ever Had". Hopefully his sophomore album will be just as good as his first.

Jully Black

I first heard Jully's chill-inducing voice in second year of high school. My friend (caro) was really into the rap/hip-hop scene and she loved herself some babyblue soundcrew. Their hit song that played on the radio featured Jully Black. She has gone on to release several solo albums and her hits include "Sweat of your brow", "Between me and you" (feat. saukrates), and "Seven Day Fool". Here's a tune from back in the days!

Bryan Adams

Is it just me or is Bryan Adams kinda like the black sheep in the family? Yeah, we like a couple of songs, but we wouldn't buy the album. Right? Or is that really just me?

Joni Mitchell

The Canadian Janis Joplin. For realz, I used to mix those two up all the time! Yes, she is the one who originated Big Yellow Taxi. In the trend of remaking, Robert Downey Jr. covered River, another amazing Mitchell Song. But the one that really stands out is Carey, inspired by a trip to Greece. That woman can sing!

Other Notable Canadian Singers (but not all)

Sarah McLachlan - Re-hashed her first album over and over again until it became annoying. Also created Lilith Fair.
Paul Anka - Teen idol from the 50's who managed to steady out an okay career.
k.d. lang - Yes, that's all in small caps. *rolls eyes*
Anne Murray - I don't know, I hear her name every two to three Canada Day Celebrations.
Leonard Cohen - When I was younger, I always mixed him up with Leonard Nemoy. By younger, I mean up until 4 years ago.
Avril Lavigne - She wore ties and was a rebel...

Anyone I left out?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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