Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friday the 13th: Alternate Ending (Part 2)

Alternate Ending (Part 2)
You Shouldn't have Done That

Yasmina was shaking in the corner, unable to grasp the situation that was unfolding in front of her. Her mind tried to block out the last image of Sarah but it kept forcing itself back in her cloudy thoughts. Jodi and Patrick were arguing by the door, their voices too low and the thunder too loud for Yasmina to understand a word they were saying.

She tried to move closer but Jodi raised her machete, pointing the tip in Yasmina's direction.

"No, no, no. You do not move, you filthy cow. How dare you? HOW DARE YOU?" Jodi began screaming and walked up towards Yasmina. Jodi pulled the crying girl's hair back and spat in her face. If anything, Jodi was more fucked up then her brother.

"You're lucky I don't cut your throat where you stand, whore!" Jodi continued, releasing the girl's hair and shoving her further into the corner.

Patrick couldn't help but to look over at his -girlfriend, he supposed- and feel sorry for her. She had put herself in this predicament. She could have avoided this, if only she had shown change. Patrick had been ready to ignore Mother and forgive Yasmina, let her into his circle.

"Patrick...please," Yasmina begged; she looked like a scared child, curled up into a ball and shivering in the dark corner of the cabin.

"His name is Jason," Jodi spat out, looking over at her brother. "Are we going to do this or what?"

Do it boy. Kill her for mommy. Destroy the filth, boy.

"Jason! Are you going to finish this cunt or shall I?" Jodi urged on, impatient and anxious.

Yasmina couldn't stop herself from shaking. Her muscles were tense and her nerves shot straight into a frenzy. Tears were useless, she had cried the last one a half hour ago. She summoned the courage to look up and noticed Patrick was in a daze. Jodi was standing in front of him, her blonde hair plastered to her face, which was twisted in anger.

Neither of them was paying any attention to her.

Yasmina shot off the floor, grabbed the kerosene lamp on the wooden table and with all the might in her body, she swung it across Jodi's face. The glass shattered into her skin and the fire inside burned the tip of her nose. Jodi shrieked and dropped her machete to the ground, preferring to craddle her face with her hands.

Patrick zoned back to reality. His sister was staggering across the kitchen, hysterically shouting. Her face was severely cut open. Yasmina was bending down to pick up the machete.

She raised the machete high over her head.

"Fuck you, you twisted bitch!" Yasmina screamed, stabbing Jodi right in the middle of the chest. Blood was spraying out of the wound, covering our protagonist in red. She pulled out the machete and Jodi stumbled against the counter and then collapsed on the floor.

Silence invaded the tight space. Yasmina turned around. The room was spinning around her but she spotted Patrick by the sofa. He had slipped the hockey mask back on and gripped his machete, intent on using it right about now.

"You shouldn't have done that" Patrick said as he advanced menacingly towards his girlfriend.

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