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Chapter 8 from a short story

So we know by now what happened in Crystal Lake eight years prior to Sarah coming back to visit her bapcia for the summer. We know she has a fragile relationship with Travis and a budding relationship with Tyh. She learns of the devastating attack that Pamela Voorhees committed eight years prior and of the death of her childhood friend, Melinda.

Dan Dubois and Dana Roy were just about to get cozy when something interrupted them, prompting Dan to leave and Dana to investigate, leading to her untimely death.

Sarah and Tyh have gotten jobs working at the newly re-opened Camp Crystal Lake. Sarah meets some of Tyh's friends, Jessica Paquette and her boyfriend Jacob Tibbett, who later come face to face with death.

The main couple's relationship gets stronger and they are anxiosuly awaiting the party to begin later that night. They have supper with Bapcia before heading out to the party at Camp Crystal Lake to celebrate the opening and to get better acquanited with the rest of the counselors.

They meet up with Dan Dubois and Liane Labrie by the hiking trail where the foursome splits up, leaving Liane to trek the trail alone. While the other three are busy canoeing to the Camp, Liane is hunted down and murdered by Jason Voorhees.

Before the trio have a chance to dock at the beach camp, Michael O'Shay and his girlfriend, Sandra Clarke, are fatally attacked by psychopath Jason Voorhees. The trio finally arrive at the beach and are ready to party with their friends and Tyh is anticipating presenting Sarah to his friends.

They mingle togheter around the bonfire, Sarah getting better acquainted with some of Tyh's friends and realise some are nicer then others. As the night grows and the teens get intoxicated they slowly start to seperate. Kevin and Meredith head towards their cabin. We learn that Meredith is cheating on her boyfriend with different people. The rain has started to fall and the teens are getting restless.

While Yasmina and Patrick head to their cabin, Meredith and Kevin are ruthlessly murdered by Jason Voorhees. Dan, Sarah, and Tyh start a game of cards that quickly turn to a more heated session between the later two. The night has only begun.

This is what transpired:

Kill Her, Jason

The poker game had heated up quickly. Dan was walking in the rain towards
the main lodge at the couple’s request. When most of their clothes had
dropped, they begun making out on the sofa while Dan shuffled the cards,
looking at the time pass by. They whispered to each other then Tyh asked
if Dan could leave them alone for a few minutes. He nodded and grinned and
left the cabin.

The rain was pouring around him as he quickened his pace towards the main
lodge, passing the rusted canoe racks. All the spaces were occupied with
rusted canoes, safe one space. Dan noticed and quickly spotted the missing
canoe by the docks, just pass the tree line. A small narrow path leaded
him towards the beach and in full view of Crystal Lake. The rain splashing
on the water sounded much like an orchestra. The light of the boathouse
flickered and the door swung loosely on its hinges. Dan walked over to the
dock leading to the dismantled boathouse and thought twice before stepping
on it. He knew O’Shay was probably in there, waiting to scare the first
person stupid enough to have a check.

He decided to have a look anyways and stepped on the dock. He passed the
canoe he had arrived in earlier that night. It had an inch of water in
the bottom and the rain kept pouring in. The door swung wildly in the
wind, making Dan jump with fright. The door blew open again and Dan
walked inside.

The abandoned motor boats knocked mildly against the wooden platform, as
the tide came in through the opening. The flickering light revealed
bloodied legs protruding from one of the vessels. Dan stepped closer and
peered in the boat. Sandra’s lifeless eyes looked up at him, blank as a
portrait. Dan gagged and jumped back, knocking over several jars. The
sound of the metal objects clinking on the floor resonated in the cramp
boathouse. Dan was just about to run out the door when he spotted a man by
the entrance. He was tall and menacing, an antique hockey mask covering
his deadly gaze. He wore a bloodied jumpsuit and wielded a very sharp

“You killed her! You fucking killed her!” Dan howled, running at the man
twice his size. He swung several punches at the killer’s chest, barely
irritating the man. His head tilted and he grabbed Dan by the neck. He
lifted him off the ground and swung him across the room. Dan landed hard
on various boating equipment, groaning loudly with pain. He attempted to
get to his feet when Jason arrived by his side, looking down at him

Dan attempted to kick and punch wildly but pain shot through his bones.
Jason examined his machete, slowly twisting it this way and that. Dan
begged and pled. Suddenly, Jason stopped and stabbed the machete down in
Dan’s torso. Blood oozed out of the wound, caressing the blade of the
machete. Jason plucked the blade out and Dan sat up in agony. Jason swung
the machete sideways, decapitating the teenage boy. His head rolled off
the platform and splashed in the murky waters of Crystal Lake.

Jason looked out the window at the illuminated cabin beyond the trees. His
breathing intensified as he stepped out of the boathouse.


The rain was not ceasing and the wind had increased. It howled outside and
fogged the windows. Sarah was looking at the cards in her hands. She knew
she was losing this round and she had barely any clothing left to remove.
The boys grinned as Sarah laid her cards down. Tyh clapped his hands and
Dan laughed. “Looks like you’re going to be stark naked” Dan said,

“Over my dead body” Sarah laughed, reaching over for a kiss that Tyh
gladly accepted. “She’s mine” Tyh said between pecks. He grabbed her by
the waist and they moved towards the couch. Sarah was on her back, her
breasts bouncing in her bra as Tyh began grinding against her. “I’ve never
done this before” Sarah whispered. “Maybe it’s time you try.” He answered
tenderly. He sucked on her right earlobe; Sarah cleared her throat and
darted her eyes left and right. Tyh looked at her funny. “Dan” she
whispered. “Right” he said before asking Dan if he could give them a

Dan laughed and cheered his friend on before leaving the cabin. “Are you
sure you want to do this?” Tyh asked, gazing into his lover’s eyes. “Tyh”
She answered, looking back at him. “I now know that what I called love was
not love. I love you, Tyh Simms” She reached for a kiss which he met
halfway. “I want you” He growled, “So bad”.

They had been kissing and groping now for nearly thirty minutes when the
door to the cabin blew open and they heard a high pitch squeal. They
jumped off the couch and saw Yasmina and Patrick. “Whoa, white girl and my
boy Tyh are getting it on” Yasmina laughed, pausing dramatically between
each words.

“Well, you seem…sober” Tyh answered back, fastening his pants.

“I fucked her to sobriety” Patrick laughed as Yasmina slapped him across
the chest.

“You’re such a jerk sometimes. I actually fell asleep” She said sitting at
the table. Patrick did the same and started rolling a joint. Sarah looked
at Tyh and sighed. “I guess we’ll join you.” She put her shorts back on
and slipped her tank over her head. They walked over to the table and
joined their friends.

“Where the fuck is everybody?” Yasmina said, lighting the joint her
boyfriend had just handed her. She puffed and handed it to Sarah. “You
smoke ganja, white girl?”

“I smoke the ganja, wangsta!” Sarah answered, grabbing the joint. The boys
laughed and Yasmina joined along. Sarah took a puff of the joint and
choked out smoke. Patrick shot a funny comment and Tyh jabbed him on the

“Wow. How do you guys smoke this shit” She said, still choking. Sarah
passed the joint to Tyh who had no problem puffing on it. She was thirsty
for something other then alcohol.

“So how long have you been together?”  Sarah asked as she poured herself a
glass of water. The taps shook when Sarah turned them and the water
eventually came out brown. Sarah sighed and opened the fridge. She grabbed
a beer and cracked it open.

“I fell in love with Patrick in ninth grade, the first day he moved here”
Yasmina answered lovingly. Patrick kissed her on the cheek and smirked,
adjusting his cowboy hat.

“She didn’t put out until eleventh grade, though.” He continued. He was
once again assaulted by his girlfriend.

“The real question is when did you lose your virginity, Patrick?” Sarah
asked. The room suddenly went silent and Yasmina stared down her
boyfriend. “Well, answer her question. When did you lose your virginity?”
she asked with attitude.

“I told you, baby. I never cheated on you. You were my first.” He leaned
in for a kiss and she didn’t deny him. Yasmina turned back to Sarah. “So
yeah, we’ve been practically a couple since then.” She giggled and made
towards the fridge.

“No more vodka, babe.” She said, eyeing her boyfriend. He didn’t respond
to her silent demand. Sarah looked at Tyh. “Fine, I’ll go get it” Yasmina
pouted and slammed the fridge door shut.

She was putting on her jacket when Patrick got off his chair. “Nah you
stay here and chatter; I’ll go get your fucking alcohol.” He walked out
the cabin.

Yasmina was still and awed. “What the fuck did I do?” She removed her
jacket and slumped on the nearest chair.

Sarah laughed and they started telling her about stuff they did back in
high school. She smiled at the guy she now called her boyfriend.


Patrick was grunting as he walked, annoyed by his girlfriend’s abuse of
alcohol. She was gearing up to finish like her good-for-nothing alcoholic
mother. He pouted all the way to the cabin, relishing the cold rain that
bounced off his skin. He walked inside the cabin, threw his cowboy hat on
the couch and swung open the rusted fridge door. Yasmina’s half-empty
bottle of vodka lay perfectly still atop the dingy metal shelves. He
grabbed it quickly and slammed the door shut. It fell off its hinges and
emitted low growls until a puff of smoke blew out the bottom.

“Great” He spat out, swinging the bottle of vodka across the room. It made
contact with the furthest wall and exploded on impact, sending the vodka
splashing about. Its strong smell invaded the room, reminding Patrick of
his girlfriend’s breath after a hard night of partying.

He was beginning to realize he was losing her to the very thing that
destroyed her own family. He slammed his fist down and sighed. He had
handled enough drama in his childhood. He was fucked up enough. All he
wanted, all he ever wanted, was to live happy with his girlfriend. He was
thinking in the past tense. Not good.

He looked at the blue jumpsuit that was spread across the couch, the white
hockey mask resting menacingly on top of it.At that moment, he understood
he had to do to her what he did to everyone else. Rid her of her sins.

Kill her boy. She’s a whore like the rest of them. Kill her, Jason.

Jesus Murphy: Blog Story (3)

- Chapter 3 -

I never met my mother. I was the unlucky one who missed out on her distinctive laugh, her charming smile, and caring touch. Everyone I encountered had nothing but sweet blessings for her and some swore she was a gift from God; one too precious to be kept her on Earth. My father, on the other hand, had started out a gentleman, a real town favourite. After my mother passed on he became sour and vile, taking up heavy drinking as a hobby and raging father as a passtime. Maggie would often tell me that he was the reason my - how can I phrase this - "special skills" were opressed. After his death, I became aware of the world around me.


The waiting room was quite silent when Martin walked in. His eyes moistened with tears when he spotted Jesus sitting alone by the water fountain, a distinctive sadness to his posture. His long curly blonde hair was shadowing his grim face, giving him an unwated maturity.

Martin walked up to him and rested his hand on the little boy's shoulder.

"Hey cowboy," Martin attempted a sympathetic smile, hoping his nephew would look up at him. But Jesus didn't and kept his attention on the marble tiles below.

A young woman walked out of a private office with a clipboard and asked Martin to accompany her inside. He told Jesus he wouldn't be long and they would be out of here shortly. Jesus nodded.

The young woman, Madonna Riviera, closed the door behind and gestured to Martin to have a seat. She adjusted her purple glasses and took a seat across from Martin. She brushed her blonde hair from her face and read off her clipboard. She looked up at Martin.

"It's nice to meet you, Mr..."

"Mr. Christ. Martin Christ."

"Your nephew is a very special boy, you know that, right?"

"Yes. My sister told me about...the arrangement."

Madonna smiled. She removed her lilac blazer and hung it on the antique brass coat rack. The whole office had a very masculine décor. Martin knew this wasn't her office. She was an Agent and had most likely sedated the actual staff. She walked up behind him, a stern expression painted on her naturally pale face.

"You are aware of the responsabilities you will have to undertake from now on, right?" She asked, walking back to the leather chair.

Martin was quite clear on the job that awaited him. Taking care of a child was daunting enough and Jesus wasn't just a regular child. Martin's palms were moist and he rubbed them quickly on his ripped black jeans. As much as Madonna was buttoned up and serious, Martin had a darker, artistic, laid back style that somewhat worried the Agency. He was surprised they had chosen him over Michael, the more mature, serious brother.

" Are you positive that I am the right one? I'm studying embalming. You guys haven't made a mistake? Michael is far -"

"Michael," Madonna said cutting him off, "might be the more...obvious choice, but you are the rational one. It might not be easy at first, but your heart is in the right place. If Jesus is to become who is destined to be, it shall be due to your guidance. We believe in you, Mr. Christ." She winked, and Martin could notice a sparkle in her grey eyes. He would later describe it as a reassuring light.

"Will you guys be watching him? I want him to lead a normal life." Martin insisted, which seemed to please Madonna judging by the smile on her face.

"Your protective instincts are charming, Mr. Christ. That is exactly why we have chosen you." She walked over to the overly large dramatic window and looked out, crossing her arms behind her back. "I might want to remind you that his life will be anything but normal"

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Scream 4 - It's finally here!!


The franchise that rebooted the horror genre is back with a stab! The original cast is coming back to fight the big bad with the white mask! Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courtney Cox are slated to fight Mr. Stabman in the fourth installment of the Scream Franchise. Yay!

There will be new characters portrayed by up-and-coming young stars such as Emma Roberts, Hayden Pannetière, Rory Culkin, Adam Brody, Marielle Jeffe, and Erik Knudsen. There is big star cameos by Anna Paquin, Shenae Grimes, and Kristen Bell. Wowzers!

The premise is similar to the original Scream, which I'm happy about because let's face it, they botched the third entry. Royally. So a new batch of kids will get slaughtered by, presumably, someone we see on screen. Cue suspense music!

What I am most excited about is the script. You can say whatever you want about the cinematography (or lack of) but do not dog on the script. Kevin Williamson is a GENIUS when it comes to witty suspense thriller horror thingys. Dawson's Creek, anyone?

With that being said, watching the most lovable TRIO EVER since three's company grace the silver screen once more just makes me wanna steal some kid's glorious moment, scream, and proclaim that SCREAM IS THE BEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME!

Yes, this is the trailer for Ccream 4. I know, I love you too!

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

Jesus Murphy: Blog Story (2)

- Chapter 2 -
Death And Abilities

Some would call me lucky, others blessed. I prefer to say that God gave me life for a purpose. My mother died during childbirth yet I somehow survived. Knowing what I know now, I would have much prefered death to living a life with a spiteful, alcoholic father.

The blame started early on. It was my fault, of course, that my mother died during labour. The blame eventually turned to anger. I would often come home and receive the back hand across the face, the lashes of his leather belt. His hatred ate away at his soul, tore him up from the inside until he couldn't take it any longer.


"There you are Jesus. I was looking everywhere for you." Mrs. Hanover said, grabbing the boy by the hand and walking back towards the big yellow bus.

He was resisting, pulling away as she pushed forward. Mrs. Hanover stopped in front of the rows of evergreens and kneeled down in front of Jesus. She grabbed both of his hands and stroked them tenderly.

"Is something wrong, Jesus?"

He shook his head sideways without looking up at his teacher. He had a frown and his brow was messed up. Later, Mrs. Hanover described it as "something out of a horror film, you know, those Japanese ones". The elderly woman looked away for a second and when she brought her attention back to little Jesus, he was all smiles. She raised her eyebrow in surprise and rested her hands on his shoulders. His long curly blonde hair tickled her frail fingers.

"Where were you, Jesus?" She asked. She could see he was troubled, bothered.

"In my happy place. With mom." He answered smiling.

He shrugged and walked past Mrs. Hanover. She looked on in confusion as she watched Jesus board the bus to head home. As the big yellow bus rolled past her, she spotted Jesus waving at her, a large grin plastered on his face.

Jesus waved goodbye to his friends on the bus and gave a special hug to the bus driver before walking down and out of the bus. He strolled slowly through the garden, picking at the strawberries. He sat down near his favourite tree and rolled up his jeans into shorts. The spring sun had warmed up the valley and sweat beads had formed in the back of his knees. He looked up at the house that created so many memories for him. He didn't think much of the funny feeling inside him. He always associated it with something he ate.

As he listened to the wind carry the tune of spring, Jesus was in complete denial of the power that manifested inside him. The little boy could only imagine his father drunk, hurt, but his denial prevented him from seeing what was actually waiting for him inside the Murphy Family home.

A beautiful orchid-coloured butterfly fluttered past him and he followed it towards the house, watching it fly in every direction. He felt as though the winged creature was guiding him home, telling him he needed to go in now. He smiled and pushed his long hair back and stepped inside the house.

"Daddy, I'm home!!"

Jesus closed the door behind him and ran towards the kitchen. His big blue eyes rested firmly on the deceased body of his father and tears swelled up inside them.


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I ♥ Denmark

So being half-danish naturally makes me want to share the wonderful things about my dad's home-country. Denmark is small country composed of several islands and a peninsula. It is landlocked with Germany and the islands float near the Baltic Sea. Its capital is Copenhagen and they still have a Royal family although the government is a lot more democratic, slightly similar to England.

A lot of great things have also come out of Denmark and this is what I will focus on.

AQUA (music icon)
Yes, that iconic pop group from the late 90's is composed of Danish musicians. They borrowed alot from the Euro-Pop movement that was going on in their country and fused it with quirky lyrics that litterally propelled them to international stardom. Oh and lawsuit after lawsuit. Damn Barbie! Let's reminisce shall we?

JORN UTZON (award-winning architect)
He has got to be my favourite architect. When I was younger, I always wondered what the Sydney Opera House was. At first I thought it was a fancy restaurant, and then as I got older, I thought it was just some piece of art. And then I got at a point in time where I researched what I didn't know and found out that the weird building in Australia is the famed Sydney Opera House designed by none other then Danish Architect Jorn Utzon.

MADS MIKKELSEN (award-winning actor)
One of my favourite actors last year with roles in Casino Royale and Clash of the Titans. I was highly anticipating Mads to appear in the Inglourious Basterds movies but was sad to see they had chosen a different actor. And for that reason alone I swore off the movie and never watched it. Hey, he even beat out Viggo Mortensen and Connie Nielsen as best danish actor for this list. HA!

LEGO (world's favourite building block)
So I was a HUGE lego fanatic when I was a child. I mean I built and destroyed and built again until I had built everything. My parents joined, my siblings did as well and my friends revolved around playing lego. And you better not make your house with different brick colours. I don't tolerate that! lol. And according to Wikipedia, the brand has now FOUR (4!!) theme parks. I wanna go.

HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN (author extraordinaire)
I was young when I was first introduced to tales from Andersen. The first ever notice of him I had was the TV movie The Ugly Duckling. This story still resonates in 2011. His most notable work, The Little Mermaid, was loosely adaptated for the big screen by American giant Walt Disney. They even erected a statue in Copenhagen harbour. My dad told me it had been vandalized loads of times and that the people were outraged about it. It's like the Big Ben of London. But smaller. And a mermaid.


Feel free to comment and add your own Danish story. 

Candles are out.
Eleven's Ink

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An obsession with Pittacus Lore

Ok so my fastest growing entry is "Who is Pittacus Lore" (click on label to view entry) and most people who finally do read my blog have typed in Pittacus Lore or I am Number Four in Google. Yeah, my blog is popular because of a fictional author.

And here I thought people were reading my own original stories. *sighs*

So to all my Singapore readers, I shall write another entry about our dear friend Pittacus and the book he wrote detailing the arrival of a friendly alien race and their not-so-friendly alien ennemies. Here we go!

So all we know for now is that before Lorien was invaded by the Mogadorians, the Elders dissapeared without informing anyone of the impending doom. They left a planet to fend for themselves and apparently one of them, Pittacus Lore, has found safe passage on our planet.

He walks among us, but he is not one of us. (hehehe)

We know that Loriens have special abilities, learned through evolution to save their planet from the ravages of pollution and years of self-destruction. Is it safe to suggest that Pittacus Lore has an ability not unlike those possessed by Number 4 and 6? A power of flight? A power of teleportation? A power to mimic whomever he chooses?

Pittacus Lore may have changed his apperance to better go unnoticed. He may be a government employee, a high-ranked official, the CEO of Holt-Renfrew. He may be your neighbour, your friend, your boss, your spouse. He may be man, he may be woman, he may be animal. He may be anything and/or anywhere.

What is most disconcerting is why hasn't he shown mercy to his fellow Loriens and extended a helping hand when his own needed help? Why has Pittacus Lore decided to hide in the shadow and merely play the part of narrator in a story bigger then he, bigger then Earth, bigger then Lorien, finally bigger then the Universe?

Why hasn't he used his abilities for the power of good and furthermore, Who is Pittacus Lore?

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Jesus Murphy: Blog Story (1)

- Chapter 1-
Christmas Day Birth
"Jesus!" Mary screamed as the nurse wrapped the baby in the blanket and walked out of the delivery room. "His name is Jesus!"

"You need to rest, ma'am. You've lost a lot of blood." One of the doctors said, his voice muffled by the mask that covered his mouth. He spoke gibberish with another doctor then walked back to Mary. She noticed he was holding a syringe.

"No, please. I just want to hold my son" Mary was pleading with them, struggling against their firm grips. She kicked and screamed ignoring the pain that pulsed down her legs. One of the doctors held her arms down as the other came down with the syringe. Mary felt the prick, felt the liquid coarsing through her veins, felt her world shrink around her until it vanished into blackness.

Joseph Murphy was pacing up and down the bright white corridor, biting away at the skin around his nails. Malcom and Martin we're talking togheter near the vending machine. Joseph was just about to join them when he felt a hand rest on his shoulder. It was Michael. He was holding two cups of warm coffee and handed one to Joseph. He declined.

"How is she?" Michael asked, somewhat remorsefully. 

"I don't know. I'm still waiting for the doctor." 

A man dressed as Santa Clause was attending to the patients, cheering them up with Ho Ho Ho's. They stood there in silence for a few minutes. None had anything to say to the other yet their presence was comforting. Michael had his hands in his pockets and Joseph remained stiff, the skin around his eyes irritated. He had never cried this much in his life. He had returned home to get some spare clothing and fell to the floor in tears when he saw the blood-smeared wall.

"I'll be over there" Michael said, indicating the vending machine where his brothers stood.

Joseph nodded and continued pacing. People were walking past him, some staff some patients, and his thoughts were the only thing distracting him from the sterile smell of Nazareth Hospital. Soft Christmas carols were lost in the background. He was so deep in his mind that he didn't hear Doctor Amasa calling his name.

"Mr. Murphy?"

Joseph snapped out of his thoughts and asked the doctor how Mary was doing; was she okay, what about the baby, is the baby okay, is Mary okay? His eyes expressed his desperation. Doctor Amasa's thick eyebrows frowned and sunk towards his eyes as he lowered his head and sighed.

"I'm sorry. Your wife didn't survive the childbirth."

Chapter 7 from a short story

So we know by now what happened in Crystal Lake eight years prior to Sarah coming back to visit her bapcia for the summer. We know she has a fragile relationship with Travis and a budding relationship with Tyh. She learns of the devastating attack that Pamela Voorhees committed eight years prior and of the death of her childhood friend, Melinda.

Dan Dubois and Dana Roy were just about to get cozy when something interrupted them, prompting Dan to leave and Dana to investigate, leading to her untimely death.

Sarah and Tyh have gotten jobs working at the newly re-opened Camp Crystal Lake. Sarah meets some of Tyh's friends, Jessica Paquette and her boyfriend Jacob Tibbett, who later come face to face with death.

The main couple's relationship gets stronger and they are anxiosuly awaiting the party to begin later that night. They have supper with Bapcia before heading out to the party at Camp Crystal Lake to celebrate the opening and to get better acquanited with the rest of the counselors.

They meet up with Dan Dubois and Liane Labrie by the hiking trail where the foursome splits up, leaving Liane to trek the trail alone. While the other three are busy canoeing to the Camp, Liane is hunted down and murdered by Jason Voorhees.

Before the trio have a chance to dock at the beach camp, Michael O'Shay and his girlfriend, Sandra Clarke, are fatally attacked by psychopath Jason Voorhees. The trio finally arrive at the beach and are ready to party with their friends and Tyh is anticipating presenting Sarah to his friends.

They mingle togheter around the bonfire, Sarah getting better acquainted with some of Tyh's friends and realise some are nicer then others. As the night grows and the teens get intoxicated they slowly start to seperate. Kevin and Meredith head towards their cabin. We learn that Meredith is cheating on her boyfriend with different people. The rain has started to fall and the teens are getting restless.

Here is what transpired:

Chapter 7
Strip! Strip! Strip!

Storm clouds streaked the sky above, partially shadowing the moonlight.
Sarah could feel the first rain drops on her skin. The last lights from
town had faded and the lake stood eerily still, spare the family of ducks
swimming near the boathouse. Yasmina was fiddling with her cell phone,
spilling sticky cola down her chest .m

“Fuck!” She giggled, dropping both her cell phone and her glass. She was
just about to fall when Patrick swept her off her feet. “You need to get
some sleep, sweets.” He said, kissing her loose lips. Her head lolled, her
lips twitched and she emitted low giggles between breaths. Patrick took
off his cowboy hat and placed it on top of his girlfriend’s head.

“I shink I wansh ya” She slurred, slumping in his arms. He looked at the
remaining trio by the fire and laughed. “I shink I’ll put her to bed” He
said, walking off with his girlfriend in his arms. They walked into cabin
“2”; the very one Melinda had been murdered in. Sarah remembered the news
report from two nights ago. The anchorwoman had walked out of that very

The night was young, Sarah thought. It wasn’t even midnight and already
half the people were already huddled in their respective cabins. The full
moon had been completely shadowed by the storm clouds. The small drops of
rain had begun falling faster and harder; bouncing off the copper roofs,
sounding not much different then loud percussions. Sarah and the boys ran
inside the first cabin, the one furthest from the main lodge.

Tyh lit a couple of kerosene lamps, setting them here and there. The
sounds of the rain hitting metal hypnotized Sarah. Tyh handed them a beer
and they sat around the log table. It was crooked and slightly moldy. It
matched the décor, at least, Sarah said to herself. She tied her auburn
hair into a ponytail and took a sip from her beer. She shivered.

“What kind of beer is this?” She asked, choking. “It tastes like shit.”
She walked over to the metal basin they called a kitchen sink and emptied
her bottle while the boys laughed and pounded their fists down.

“You didn’t have to waste the beer.” Dan snickered.

“We got plenty. Anyways, it’s not like the rest of them will be joining us
soon.” Tyh answered, as Sarah sat on his lap and sealed his happiness with
a kiss.

“They will be far too busy fornicating to think about us and this supposed
party” Sarah continued, amidst pecks and puckers.

“Said the girl that’s making out” Dan sighed.


Meredith was tying her boyfriend’s hands with makeshift restraints when
she felt the sudden urge to go pee. “I really have to pee, babe” She said,
making Kevin laugh. He was lying naked on the bed, both his hands tied to
the massive oak posts with leather belts. “You’re going to leave me like
this?” He smirked, struggling with the restraints. “What if a crazed
psychopath comes in to kill me?”

She laughed and bit her lower lip. “I’m the only one that will have any
kind of physical contact with you tonight.” She said, slipping on her
boyfriend’s jersey. It hung loose around her waist, leaving her long legs
bare. She walked over to the door and turned to her boyfriend and smiled.
“Wait for me. I’ll be right back.”

“I wouldn’t go anywhere even if I could.” He laughed as Meredith exited
the cabin. There were several candles flaring near the windows, their
wicks dancing in the wind. Kevin closed his eyes and stretched his limbs.
He pictured his girlfriend doing dirty things to him. The door creaked
open but his eyes remained shut. “That was quick, baby”

Meredith didn’t reply. Kevin opened his eyes to find a massive masked man
standing in the doorway.  “Is that you, O’Shay? Get the fuck outta here!”
Kevin yelled, half-laughing. The stranger closed the door behind him. “Ok,
this isn’t funny, O’Shay!”

Kill him boy. Kill for mommy. Teenage sin!

Jason Voorhees walked over to the brown-plaid couch and grabbed the rope
that was used to tie the boat. He unrolled the bundle and proceeded
towards the bed, where Kevin was securely fastened. “Back off, O’Shay!” He
started tugging the belts, trying to break free of the binding. He jerked
his body and grinded his teeth as he struggled to break free. The end of
the short rope fell at Jason’s feet as he moved in with the other end.
“HEEEELP!”  Kevin screamed, kicking his legs this way and that.

Meredith closed the cabin door, whistling to herself. The rain was
tickling her skin; her short red hair plastered against her face. She
immediately noticed the abandoned bonfire. It had shrunk in size and heat.
The flames were barely a flicker. They must have retreated for the night,
she thought. Cabin “2” was completely black while the first cabin, the one
furthest from the main lodge, was alive with lights and music. Meredith
crouched behind the first tree she found. “I will never get used to this”
She said, listening to her urine plop on the leaves below matching the
beat of the rain. She got back up and began walking back when she heard
her boyfriend’s plea for help. Her body froze and her mind went numb.

He screamed again.

Meredith started running towards the cabin, mud splashing around as she
ran, and busted through the door. Her world turned upside down the second
she stepped inside. All the happiness she had ever known was stripped from
her memory.

Kevin was being hoisted into the air. A noose hung tight around his neck
and a masked man was pulling him up, using the large solid beam like a
pulley. Her boyfriend’s legs were flailing about, desperately searching
land. His fingers were clawing at the rope, some fingernails ripped off
from the struggle. His back arched as he went higher towards the ceiling.
Blood was tearing out of his eyes. And he was looking at Meredith. She
moved her shaking hands towards her mouth then let out a cry of horror.
Jason spun around, never letting go of the rope.

Meredith ran out the door as Jason fastened the rope around a beam. He
removed his bow and strung an arrow to its chord.

Meredith could barely see through her tear soaked eyes. She could barely
walk, her legs feeling like pudding below her. Her mind could barely
think, images of her dying boyfriend clouting her brain. The rain was
weighing down hard as she ran towards the sound of music, screaming out
for help. The ground was slippery with mud and wet grass. The skies
cracked above and lightning lighted the darkened night.


Meredith ran as fast as she could; she was just a few feet from banging on
the window. She could see it, she attempted a smile. She never even looked
back to see if the abnormally large man was pursuing her. She stopped to
catch her breath and raised her fist to pound on the window. At the same
time, an arrow whizzed behind her and struck her in the shoulder. Her arm
went limp and she howled in pain. She heard the music stop as another
arrow met her in the back of the head. Meredith slumped to the ground.


“What was that?” Sarah said, shutting off the music. “I swear I heard
screaming”. She moved towards the kitchen window and peered out. It was
pitch black outside and the sound of the rain dominated the night.
Lightning flashed in the sky and for a few short seconds, Sarah could
swear she saw a large man stalking behind cabin “3”.

“Someone’s out there.” Sarah whispered.

Dan turned on the music again, the hard techno beats drumming in the
background. Sarah shrugged and walked back towards the table and the poker
game. She checked her cell phone. No missed calls. I guess granny is
starting to trust me, Sarah thought. She picked up her cards and looked at
the boys. “Where were we?”

“I believe you just lost this round. You know what that means.” Dan said
with a smirk.

“Strip! Strip! Strip!” They began shouting, pounding down their fists on
the table as Sarah sighed and started removing her shirt to the beat of
the music.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jesus Murphy: Blog Story


The front doorbell sang a christmas tune and echoed throughout the modest family home. Joseph Murphy quickened his pace to greet his guests, stopping in the kitchen to kiss his wife on the cheek. They exchanged a smile and Mary returned to her preparations.

Three silouhettes outlined the glass door and Joseph recognized them as Mary's brothers. He cleared his throat and swung the door open.

"If it isn't the three wisemen!" He laughed as he shared hug and handshake with his brothers-in-law.

Joseph greeted them inside and took their coats. Michael, the eldest brother, looked like Mary in every way. He had the same dirty blonde locks, piercing blue eyes, and a smile that could charm the crudest of hags. He removed his top coat and handed it gracefully to Joseph.

Martin, the cadet, bore striking ressembles to his father. He had curly black hair and dark eyes that accentuated his sombre looks. He insisted on boosting his creep factor by sporting a rather lenghty trench coat and studying to become an embalmer. He neither smiled nor grinned when Joseph joked about his moody fashion.

They made their way towards the kitchen to see Mary. Malcom, the youngest of the brothers, was being himself by scanning the art that accentuated the home. He was the artist of the family and his fashion style betrayed that. Unlike his brothers, he kept his fair hair short and tailored. He often had odd objects hanging from his neck paired with eccentric t-shirts. Today, dried snake skin with a neon pink shirt with the logo of some emo band.

Malcom's eyes lit up when he stepped in the kitchen. "Mary!" He squealed and gave her a extended hug.

"Mal, how are you? Oh Tintin!" She smiled and hugged her brothers. Between them she saw Michael, lingering in the hall. She knew there would be tension and she had been ready for the eventuality.

"Joe, give them some wine" She said and kissed her husband. He understood what she meant and distracted his brothers-in-law. They quickly began a conversation about Malcom's first year at college.

Michael attempted a smile as his sister walked up towards him. He ran his hand through his hair and cleared his throat. Mary stopped a few feet from him and extended her arm. She waved her fingers, gesturing for him to accept the hug.

"You can't stay mad forever" Mary said, dropping her arms when she realised Michael wasn't going to embrace her back. She sighed. "Goddamnit Michael, are you ever going to get over it?"

He exhaled deeply and looked his sister in the eyes. She always hated when he did that. It reminded her too much about her father. Michael was fourty years old, fourteen years older then she was, and his stern expression often spoke of authority. Mary looked away as he spoke.

"I accepted the marriage, Mary. And I came here because it is christmas. But how can you do that?" He spat out, pointing at her round belly. "He's a carpenter, Mary, and has no income and no assets under his name. How can you -"

"Shut it, Mike." She whispered, interupting her brother. "You listen to me. This is my house. My home. I love that man and he loves me. We built a life for ourselves, you should be happy."

"I am and -"

"I wasn't finished." She continued, brushing her rebel strands of hair behind her ear. "If you can't respect Joe and I, you are not welcomed here." She said, finally looking back into his eyes. And for once, it was he that looked away.

"Maybe I should go look for a hotel room, then" He said, somewhat sadly.

"Maybe you should" Mary answered matter-of-factly.

He grabbed his jacket from the closet and walked out of the house. Mary sighed and lingered in the hallway for a few minutes before returning to her kitchen. When she walked in, the boys were laughing togheter around a bottle of wine. It made her smile. She rubbed her belly with affection and was about to sit down with her family when she felt a throbbing pain in her abdomen.

"Are you okay, hun?" Malcom asked, getting up from his chair as Mary bent over, clutching at her belly.

The pain came again. Then again. Mary let out a cry of horror as blood began dripping down her canary-yellow dress.

"OH GOD! CALL 9-1-1!" Joseph screamed as he cradled his wife into his arms.

She was screaming and trashing in her husband's arms, unable to remain still. He told Martin to get the keys to the truck as he ran towards the door. Mary called for God and her bloody hand streaked the wall as they passed. She knocked over the wreath that hung on the door and the last thing she saw before blacking out was the blinking christmas lights.

Top 5 Books Your Bookshelf Needs to Display

So I did a list of songs, one for movies, and another more specific one aimed at horror movies and their fearful impact on me. So now I will share with you all my love for books. I won't go into an all-out review, I will simply state why I love the book, what is the general message of it, and the story of what sparked my interest in the novel. Here we go, y'all!

5. The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien

Gandalf and his fourteen companions
 Why I love this book: I never qualified myself as a fantasy novel reader, nor ever thought I would, but here I am gushing over one of the best fantasy novels ever written. If, like me, you find reading The Lord of the Rings is as close as you can get to death, then you should pick up The Hobbit. I love how we get the backstory to the different Elf clans and also a glimpse into another Gandalf, a more meager and desperate old man; I would even go as far as saying selfish, greedy, and shady. The tone of the novel would suggest something other then a children's novel, although it is categorized as such. Don't be fooled though, the story is anything but childish.
General message: The main message, I believe, that Tolkien is trying to communicate is one of friendship, brotherhood, and truly believing in one's capabilities. Whether small as a Hobbit or sleek as an Elf, anyone is capable of accomplishing amazing things. Especially with good friends around.
The backstory: I had read reviews and seen this book in many top ten lists and thought I had to give it a try. It was low-priced and even cheaper because of my irewards card from chapters!

4. The Taking - Dean Koontz

Why I love this book: I love myself a good sci-fi mystery story and Dean Koontz is one of the masters of sci-fi storytelling. The narrative is suspensful and nothing is delivered for free. Each time something makes any kind of sense, something else is thrown at you with little to no explanation. Koontz knows his audience can hold on 'til the end and wait for another one of his amazing ending. One that could not be expected at all.
General Message: As cheesy as this could sound, it's safe to say that the general message of this novel is hope for mankind. You can't stand but to voice aloud that although some humans are treasurous, some are quite dandy if I may say so myself. So back off and let us live. lol
The backstory: This book was given to me for one of my birthdays from my friend Sarah. We share a love for books and so was appropriate (and appreciated!) as I have read this book multiple times now.

3. The Host - Stephenie Meyer

Why I love this book: I am quite odd because I hate it yet love it when a character is so frigging self-righteous and insensitive that you wish that their character is later killed off. And this novel contains quite a few of these characters. Which makes you want to read it to the end quickly to witness the character change, or stay the same and suffer the consequences. But that is only the secondary players. The main protagonist, Melanie/Wanda, is probably one of the best written character I have read. I will probably love this book ten times more when they botch the movie version.
General message: What issue isn't discussed in this book?? Racism, Xenophobia, Politics and Power, Acceptance, Tolerance, Pardon, Compassion, Comprehension...and the list goes on!
The backstory: Really really odd backstory. I was in Chapters looking for books when I saw the eye on the cover of this novel and walked straight to it. Everything about it was interesting and I didn't know about Meyer and her Twilight crap so I didn't have that to base it on if so I might not have read the book. But I didn't buy it. That same week my sister came home with it (Twas in the lost and found box at work) and thought I would like it. And I did.

2. I Am Number Four - Pittacus Lore

Why I love this book: So I know this book is fairly new but I am certain it'll become a classic in time. The storyline is complexe yet the writing is so very simple, as if someone was telling you the story orally. This is the kind of sci-fi I like, you know, when it's plausible. The fight scene at the end if prolonged and patchy at best, but well worth it when you get to the finish line. I am anticipating the movie!
General message: Bah, this is pure young adult novelism at it's best. I guess you can say the general message is fighting for what you care most about, no matter how big the cause or how little you may seem a player in the greater picture.
The backstory: I was reading one day about James Frey, that disgraced author who lied about his autobiography on the Oprah Winfrey show and saw that he was working on a new novel under the pseudonym Pittacus Lore. Yes people, James Frey, disgraced author, is the man behind I am Number Four.

1. The Other Side Of The Island - Allegra Goodman

Why I love this book: Again, a story of deception and conviction. I love a good story about people believing in an objectif and stopping at nothing to achieve it. This is very much a novel about corruption in government and consequences from abused power. How far would a government go to control it's people. Rally the mass and instil fear in them! Some people, however, can see right thru it and will do everything they can to reveal the man behind the curtain. And the main protagonist, Honor, is wonderfully molded and genuinely adorable. I love it when kids are smarter then adults!
General message: Corruption! Corruption! Corruption!
The backstory: I am an avid Chapters customer and most of my books (if i am not seek-and-buying a particular novel) are bought from the 10$ or less pile and this is where I found this novel. The title alone caught my attention and then the back of the jacket just sold me:


What books do you guys suggest reading? Share!

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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Nonsense? Makes Full of Sense!

So here I am slowly figuring out this whole blog world when I am suddenly uprooted by new features such as stats. Yeah, this baby can track who reads my blog, where they come from and get this: what ype of computer software they are using. Isn't that sweet?

I wouldn't have known if it hadn't been for my virtual buddy Madam Clerk aka Ashlie. I believe we met through some LOST forum but that I cannot remember. I have been following her blog for a long while before I decided "hey, I can manage this blog thing. What a great way to share my short stories!" and so started my blog adventure.

And to thank Ashlie I would like my readers to stream on over to Nonsense by Madam Clerk. She has amazing recipe ideas, touching stories about life's little treasures, and very funny stories including the Beehive, The Random Stuff Found in the House, and much much more!!

Go visit and enjoy!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Chapter 6 from a Short Story

So we know by now what happened in Crystal Lake eight years prior to Sarah coming back to visit her bapcia for the summer. We know she has a fragile relationship with Travis and a budding relationship with Tyh. She learns of the devastating attack that Pamela Voorhees committed eight years prior and of the death of her childhood friend, Melinda.

Dan Dubois and Dana Roy were just about to get cozy when something interrupted them, prompting Dan to leave and Dana to investigate, leading to her untimely death.

Sarah and Tyh have gotten jobs working at the newly re-opened Camp Crystal Lake. Sarah meets some of Tyh's friends, Jessica Paquette and her boyfriend Jacob Tibbett, who later come face to face with death.

The main couple's relationship gets stronger and they are anxiosuly awaiting the party to begin later that night. They have supper with Bapcia before heading out to the party at Camp Crystal Lake to celebrate the opening and to get better acquanited with the rest of the counselors.

They meet up with Dan Dubois and Liane Labrie by the hiking trail where the foursome splits up, leaving Liane to trek the trail alone. While the other three are busy canoeing to the Camp, Liane is hunted down and murdered by Jason Voorhees.

Before the trio have a chance to dock at the beach camp, Michael O'Shay and his girlfriend, Sandra Clarke, are fatally attacked by psychopath Jason Voorhees. The trio finally arrive at the beach and are ready to party with their friends and Tyh is anticipating presenting Sarah to his friends.
Here is what transpired:

This Night Sucks

Sarah came around the trees to find people gathered around a fair-size
bonfire. Tyh waved and ranted. Dan joined him in chorus as they made their
way towards the gang. There were two boys, on either side of the fire. One
girl was sitting down on an oak log while the other dangled off the beefy
guy’s arm.

“I didn’t think anyone would show up” The guy on the left said as they
arrived. He was roasting a marshmallow, almost cindering it.

“Where’s O’Shay? Or Sandra?” Tyh asked, shaking hands with his friends.
Sarah shrunk back, preferring to chew on her nails.

“Or Liane? She left way before us on foot. She should be here by now!” Dan
added, sitting down on a log besides one of the girl. She kissed him on
the cheek and took a great big sip of her orange cocktail. Her eyes were
half-shut and she seemed well passed sobriety, thought Sarah.

“Maybe they met for a secret ménage-à-trois?” The drunken girl said,
laughing alone. “Oh, lighten up guys. The night is young!” She took
another gulp of her drink. “Well, are you going to introduce us to white
girl over there?” She pointed at Sarah. Tyh smirked and wrapped his arm
around Sarah, pulling her into the circle. She blushed and shyly waved her
hand around.

“Guys, this is Sarah” He gloated with pride.

“I’m Patrick, nice to meet you!” The guy on the left said. He had a nice
smooth voice, which matched his suave appearance; board shorts, crisp
white v-neck, slicked back jet-black hair covered by a straw cowboy hat.
He had a crooner’s smile and lips that were made for kissing. “And don’t
mind her; she calls every chick white girl”. He continued, laughing under
his breath.

“And by her, he means Yasmina.” She slurred, throwing Patrick a
marshmallow. She shot off the log and slapped him on the shoulder. “I’ll
warn you not to continue or you won’t be getting any of this.” She said,
shaking her ass inches from his face. “It’s enough you left me stranded

Patrick kissed her on the left butt cheek and slapped her behind as she
made her way towards one of the cabins. “Anyone want a drink while I’m
inside?” She blurted out, burping somewhere in the middle.

Tyh accepted the offer and asked for two rum and Cokes. Yasmina walked
inside the cabin, muttering something to herself. She was very pretty,
Sarah thought. She obviously had Arabic roots what with her olive-green
complexion, hazel-colored almond-shaped eyes, and flowing brown locks. She
also had the curves of a gypsy woman, which she flaunted proudly.

“That’s Kev and Meredith.” Tyh continued, pointing to the beefy guy and
the drunken girl dangling at his arm. He was the tallest one of the bunch.
He sported a buzzed cut that framed his face perfectly. He had deep
casting eyes and a lopsided smirk. He seemed cocky, Sarah thought. She
waved at them and gave a gentle smile. Kevin waved back but Meredith
grinned and gave Sarah the cold shoulder.

“Right…Well, I’m going to go see if Yasmina needs any help in there.”
Sarah suggested, kissing Tyh on the cheek. He joined his friends in
chatter and she made her way inside the cabin marked “1”.

Yasmina was fixing up some cocktails for the gang. She smiled as Sarah
joined her in the dated kitchen. None of the appliances seemed to work,
and the furniture was dusty and smelled of mothballs. Everything from the
drapes to the upholstering was checkered. “You’ll get use to it” The
Lebanese girl said, pouring some Coca-Cola inside the cups. “So where you
from white girl?” She asked, taking a greedy sip from one of the cups.

“I lived here when I was younger but moved to New-York” Sarah said, trying
to be friendly. “And you?” She asked, accepting the drink Yasmina had
handed her. It smelled heavy of rum and little of cola. She shivered as
the alcohol coursed through her.

“Originally from Connecticut. My parents settled there before shipping us
to buck fuck nowhere. Seriously, who moves to Crystal Lake?” She chuckled
taking another generous gulp of her drink. “Anyways, glad to know Tyh’s
got some type of game. You’re not all that bad.” Yasmina winked and passed
by Sarah. “Join us by the fire.” She added as she walked out of the cabin.
It was more an order then an invitation.

Tyh and the guys were huddled by the fire, discussing random sporting
events that marked history in the last years. Yasmina had joined Meredith,
and both had begun talking about their mutual lives. Sarah felt oddly left
out. And for a split second, she even contemplated leaving and heading
home. She didn’t even feel the want to bother her way into this already
fortified relationship. Everyone was safe in their comfort zone, sheltered
from the unfamiliar.

“Snap out of it white girl, come join, yeah?!” Yasmina said, tapping the
air beside her, gesturing for Sarah to sit besides her. “We’re not going
to bite.” Meredith added, attempting something like a smile. Tyh turned to
look at her at that moment. She quickly flashed him a smile and joined the
girls in chatter. She didn’t want Tyh to worry. They had just renewed a
relationship; she wasn’t going to scare him away by acting like a Hermit.
He smiled back and continued talking with his buddies.

“So” Meredith said dramatically, flicking her fingers this way and that as
she pronounced every word. “Raymond, you know that French boy from
Louisiana” she continued, without waiting for an actual answer, “Well,
he’s coming down tomorrow to see me.” She whispered the last bit, eyeing
Kevin as she spoke. “You whore!” Yasmina snickered, apparent humour in her
eyes. “Isn’t she just completely whorish, Sarah?” Yasmina said as she drank out of her
cup, orange liquid seeping around her lips.

“I suppose so. I mean, who am I to judge your relationship? Do you guys
often see other people?”  Sarah asked innocently. The other girls silence
was almost humourous. They looked at Sarah with confusion, even

“You are funny white girl. Kevin doesn’t know this fool be sleeping
around.” They giggled and knocked their cups together, laughing even
harder. “That seems hardly…faithful.” Sarah let out, the words escaping
her mouth before she could even contemplate speaking them. She couldn’t
picture these two actually working with kids, let alone being responsible
for a whole Camp. They were sixteen going on twelve. Immaturity radiated out of
them like plutonium.

“Listen” Meredith said, smacking her gum. “I think you’re a cool cat; a
genuine virgin, matter-of-fact. So don’t even start trying to understand
adult relationships.” She said, sipping her alcohol and chewing her gum as
one. Her eyes we’re slightly cross. Her small body probably ingested
already too much alcohol. She swayed where she sat; her eyes shared the
colour of her cropped crimson hair.

“Speaking of adult relationships” She continued, fumbling to her feet. She
walked over to her boyfriend and whispered something in his ear. He smiled
and followed her to the furthest cabin; the one marked “3”. Yasmina sighed
and finished her drink. “What are you thinking about, over there?” She

“Frankly?” Sarah asked.

“Frankly.” Yasmina answered.

“This night sucks!”

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Who is Pittacus Lore?

Okay, so most of you are probably reading the title and scratching your heads. You see, Pittacus Lore isn't in the news. He isn't a web sensation and he doesn't have an annoying haircut that he shakes all the time. He doesn't have a hit movie, a hit song, or a hit-and-run under his belt because of extreme cocaine use and self denial. That would be Lindsay Lohan.

Pittacus Lore doesn't have a cooking show, a cooking book, or cooking skills for all we know. We don't know much about his 10,000 year long life. He is present, watching over us, protecting us, and his new Book is here to help us understand the mistakes of the past, and comprehend the actions of the future.

Pittacus Lore is an Elder from the planet Lorien. He has been around since the beginning of the end of Lorien, has seen the effects of pollution on his planet and the devastating attack launched by the Mogadorians, a nasty race of Aliens who have themselves destroyed their own planet and seek another sphere to inhabit. They are ruthless, gritty killers and will stop at nothing.

Pittacus Lore was there when they attacked Lorien. He was there when they shipped Nine Lorien kids away to earth with their Cepans, or guides. He saw them leave towards a new dimension and hope they would survive long enough to come back one day and repopulate Lorien. He witnessed the binding charm that was placed on the Nine children. Each marked with a number and they could only die in that same order. Brought togheter, the charm would be erased.

Nine of them were sent to Earth. Three are dead. I am Number Four.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Chapter 5 from a Short Story

So we know by now what happened in Crystal Lake eight years prior to Sarah coming back to visit her bapcia for the summer. We know she has a fragile relationship with Travis and a budding relationship with Tyh. She learns of the devastating attack that Pamela Voorhees committed eight years prior and of the death of her childhood friend, Melinda.

Dan Dubois and Dana Roy were just about to get cozy when something interrupted them, prompting Dan to leave and Dana to investigate, leading to her untimely death.

Sarah and Tyh have gotten jobs working at the newly re-opened Camp Crystal Lake. Sarah meets some of Tyh's friends, Jessica Paquette and her boyfriend Jacob Tibbett, who later come face to face with death.

The main couple's relationship gets stronger and they are anxiosuly awaiting the party to begin later that night. They have supper with Bapcia before heading out to the party at Camp Crystal Lake to celebrate the opening and to get better acquanited with the rest of the counselors. Here is what transpired:

One by One

“Come on, Tibbett; pick up your damn phone!” Tyh said. After countless
seconds of unanswered ringing, he shut the cell phone and handed it back
to Sarah. They were walking along the main road, guided by the sporadic
streetlamps, heading towards the ATV trail Lorne had talked to them about.

Sarah was wearing her favourite denim shorts that were cut off right at
the cusp of her butt cheeks. They peeked out somewhat for a shy hello. She
had left the house wearing Capri’s, to please her bapcia.  She had a tight
blue tank that bore the number thirty three across her chest. She adjusted
her straps and noticed Tyh was looking down her shirt. “Why don’t you
concentrate on getting your weed, and stop focusing on my breasts?” She
laughed, play-slapping him on the shoulder.

He grinned and dialed another number. This time someone picked up. Tyh
talked for a few minutes with the other person before hanging up and
grabbing Sarah by the hand. They were going to meet one of his friends,
Dan; the dealer.

They met up at the edge of the eastern shore where the main road stopped
and the dense forest began. Dan was leaning up against one of the fence
post, a joint on his lips. The fence was swaying from his weight, but
didn’t seem ready to break free just yet. There was a girl at his side; a
dirty blonde. Sarah recognized her from primary school. They shared
neither classroom nor friendship. Sarah had fared well with the other kids
at Crystal Lake Elementary; all of them except for this girl.

“Hi Sarah. I never thought I would see you in this town again.” The girl
with the light brown hair said as Tyh and Sarah dropped their bags to the
ground. There was an air of arrogance to her tone. She had a wrinkled
joint between her fingers. She still painted her nails a shade of hot

Sarah sighed mentally. “Hi Liane” She said, avoiding the girl as much as
she could.

“Well, I would love to stay and chatter, but I’m going to go see if O’Shay
and Sandra need any help” Liane said, sliding down her sunglasses over her
hot-blue eyes. She twinkled her fingers and walked up towards the narrow
ATV trail. Sarah watched her enter the forest, two sports bags hanging
from her willowy hands.


Storm clouds had settled all around Crystal Lake. It was just passed eight
o’clock and the owls were awake with hooting. Bats were flying left and
right overhead, emitting sharp sounds as they went. Liane fought with her
flashlight, pleading with it to stay lit. She smacked it against a tree
and it shattered into pieces.

“FUCK!” she let out, throwing the remainder of the plastic casing to the
forest floor. She looked back. She could just make out the silhouette of
the trio back at the trail entrance. She wasn’t going back there to face
the girl she loathed in elementary school. Sarah had had everything she
had not. She envied her and made her life a living hell for it. She was
decided on continuing in the dark; besides, she knew this trail by heart.

Liane grabbed her bags and began walking the trail. It was a healthy
sixty minute walk to get from the main road to the campsite. Her years of
basket-ball permitted her to attempt this hike by way of marching. The
forest was a northern mix of firs, willows, maples, birch, and a wild
forest floor that crept with poison oaks and ivies. Liane made sure that
she stuck to the trail, her exposed legs a perfect target for any
poisonous plants. The forest was silent except for the whistling wind
ruffling the leaves around her. She was listening to her IPod, humming
out the tunes with such theatrics she would shame the brightest Broadway
babes. Her skin glistened with a thin layer of sweat. She looked back
from time to time, to see if the others had managed to catch up to her
dancing-frenzied pace. They hadn’t. She looked ahead, hoping to see the
camp soon. The darkness and eerie silence around her had begun to weigh
heavy. She just about finished convincing herself that nothing lurked in
the shadows when she spotted something white just ahead.

“Patrick, is that you?” She called out, stopping where she stood. Her
white sneakers glowed below her. She brushed the few strands of hair that
covered her face and called out again. “Cut it out, it’s not funny!” she
whined.  She could feel her heart thumping in her rib cage. Her bones
rattled and she dropped her bags to the ground. The white shape moved
closer, revealing itself to be a hockey mask. It looked like the ones from
The Sports Bag. “Dana?” She said, edging closer to the masked stranger.

Kill her, Jason. Whores. They’re all whores.

The stranger walked into the path, exposing his full height and size. His
thick, crooked fingers firmly gripped a rusted machete. It glowed in the
moon’s spotlight. He had a long wooden bow strung to his back. Liane
howled with fear and spun around, running back towards the main road. Her
legs burned as the muscles stretched painfully. She screamed as loud a
scream she could manage. Her lungs heaved and her heart thudded against
her chest. Tears flowed from her blue eyes, streaking her cheeks black
with mascara. She could see the lighted streetlamps to her left. She
screamed and looked desperately for the trio she had just left behind. She
emerged from the forest just as an arrowhead pierced through her thigh.


Liane kneeled on the gravel road, pulling at the arrow that had impaled
her thigh. I’m covered in blood, she thought to herself. So much blood.
She cried out, helpless against the man that was coming towards her.

He stopped at her feet and looked at her in a way Liane could only
associate with an examination. He tilted his head, and for a second, Liane
could catch a glimpse of his monstrous eyes; pure evil looked back at her.
She tried kicking him with her uninjured leg to no prevail. He swiped the
machete in his hands and then raised it over his head, its point
looking hungrily down at Liane.


He stabbed the machete down, like a missile hitting its target. Blood
flowed around the blade, and Liane looked down at her bleeding chest. She
was trembling and gasping, gulping blood from her throat. Jason jerked the
machete out of the wound it had created. His impassive stare remained,
looking on as a life vanished before him; because of him. Liane convulsed
some more before losing life. He grabbed her legs and began dragging her
into the dark trail.


The sun had just vanished behind the horizon, casting a dark hue on the
waters of Crystal Lake. The wind had settled to a cool breeze. The pungent
smell of the lake invaded the wind’s stream. Michael O’Shay was swimming,
broad strokes against the harsh tide, encouraged by his cheering
girlfriend, standing dry by the shore. He was finally able to touch the
lake’s floor and he got to his feet. He shook his blonde mane, sending
drops of water flying everywhere.

He lifted himself onto the docks and grabbed the towel that was hanging by
the boathouse. Sandra was dancing with herself, singing merrily in the
wind. The campsite was just behind the rows of evergreens, unattended
until the bonfire. They were alone at Camp Crystal Lake, and they were
going to take full advantage of the moment.

“Come over here, Mr. Swimmer.” Sandra said, unbuttoning her purple plaid
blouse. Her shirt dropped to the sand behind her, her nipples hardening as
the wind brushed past them. He walked confidently towards her, flexing his
pecks as he got closer. He threw the towel on the docks. Michael shrugged
his swim trunk down his legs and quickened his pace. His feet touched the
warm sand as he wrapped his strong arms around his petite girlfriend. Her
dark skin clashed heavily with his hollow complexion. Their eyes met and
their lips became acquainted. They fell back against the sand as Sandra
greeted him inside her. He heaved and she glowed, they both moaned. He was
nibbling on her ear as she whispered nasty thoughts in his. The sand was
grinding beneath them, tickling and itching at their skin.

“You like it, eh, stud?” Sandra screamed as she flipped her boyfriend
over, grappling him from atop. He moved his arms behind his head as she
straddled him. She played with her long cherry-red hair, whipping it
against Michael’s face.

“I’m about to cum” he moaned, thrusting harder as he went along. He closed
his eyes in ecstasy as he felt his fluids eject. Sandra had stopped
bucking, and a hot, thick liquid began dripping on his chest. He opened
his eyes again, and his smile was quickly replaced with a scream. “HAAAAA”
A gleaming arrow was protruding out of Sandra’s forehead. Blood was
trickling past her lifeless eyes and dripping off her chin. Michael pushed
her off of him and he jumped to his feet, stark-naked.

“SANDRA!” He looked down at his girlfriend, crying with anger. The wind
had picked up again and the trees were alive with rustling. He cried his
girlfriend’s name over and over again. An arrow flung by him and rested in
the oak wood of the boathouse. Michael hesitated for a few seconds, then
grabbed Sandra by the waist and heaved her over his shoulder. He wasn’t
leaving her here.

Michael made his way towards the boathouse, jeering inside with fear.
Another arrow zoomed by, grazing his sculpted arm. The moon was piercing
in the sky, casting shadows on Crystal Lake. His bare ass glowed in the
moonlight. The town was oblivious to his plight.

He quickened his pace and entered the boathouse. He dropped Sandra on a
makeshift table and began pulling out the utility drawers, sending tools
and such scattering on the wood floor below. His shaking hands scrambled
through the melee, scanning the tools for sharp ones. He found an aged
gutting knife, one often used for large fish.

He tried hopelessly looking for they keys to the boats. They must have
been confiscated when the camp closed. “WHAT THE FUCK!” He shouted,
punching the wall that was facing him. An arrow crashed through one of the
windows, forcing itself into the wood beam just inches from Michael’s

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT!?” He screamed, grabbing Sandra from the table.
He placed her in the boat and was just about to join her when the fourth
and final arrow flung in from the shattered window and lodged in Michael’s
skull. Blood began spilling around him as he tumbled against the boat and
splashed in the darkened water of the boathouse. His naked body floated on
the surface, slowly following the tide. It drifted out of the boathouse
and passed the docks and the still, expressionless gaze of Jason Voorhees.


“It was such a good idea to use the canoes instead of hiking that trail!”
Sarah said, looking up at the blanket of stars that lit the black sky. Dan
and Tyh were rowing, the splash of the water resonating in the night.

“Aren’t you lucky, Sarah” Dan said, laughing. He flicked his oar in the
water, sending a small wave of water onto Sarah’s legs. She shrieked. The
water was freezing cold. “Ok, you made your point.” She grinned and
switched places with Dan. He rested against the shell of the canoe as
Sarah began a steady rowing, mimicking Tyh’s pace.

“You look beautiful tonight.” He said, smiling. She blushed and returned
the compliment. He sneaked in a kiss on the outskirts of her lips and

“We’re not going to make it to the bonfire with kissing rowers.” Dan said.
Sarah smiled and turned to Dan. His hat covered his face and he looked
about ready to sleep. “Do you remember me from Mrs. Merrill’s class?”
Sarah asked, rowing again at a solid pace, the water trashing around them.
The moon was guiding their way, a perfectly round fixture. Dan slipped his
hat back on his head, the moonlight revealing dark stubble. He had grown
up good, Sarah thought. He hadn’t grown tall as he stood only a few inches
taller then Sarah. But he obviously enjoyed weight training, Sarah
supposed, as she examined his biceps. He had a deep, calming voice that
she enjoyed listening to.

“Yeah, I remember you. You were friends with Melinda. I had the biggest
crush on that girl.” He said, looking down at the metal shell of the canoe
with a glimmer in his eyes. When he looked up again, they were dry. “She
didn’t deserve that.”

“I know how you feel, Dan. My heart really goes out to you. She was spe -”

A flock of birds flew just above their heads, close enough to blow Sarah’s
hair every which way. She let out a scream, as Tyh and Dan waved their
oars over their heads. The last birds finally passed. The lake was still.
They could barely see the main road anymore, the camp a haze in front of
them. Sarah laughed and clutched her chest. “I.hate.birds.”

“That was kind of creepy” Tyh said, starting to row again. He was getting
tired and eventually switched places with Dan. “Who’s all going to be
there?” Sarah asked. She turned to see Tyh rolling a joint. He looked up
at her. “O’Shay, Sandra, Kevin…” He named other names, but none that she

He lit his joint, and smoke bellowed in the sky. It lingered and clung to
the nightscape. The campsite was getting nearer. Sarah could spot the
rough outline of a boathouse and a large wooden dock attaching it to the
beach. Smoke was rising through the treetops, just behind the shoreline.

“They must have started the fire already” Dan said, steadying his pace.
The canoe drifted towards the docks. Tyh threw the noose around one of the
old beams, securing the canoe in place. Sarah gathered her bags as Dan and
Tyh scurried out of the canoe. Tyh helped Sarah onto the docks. She
dropped her bags and noticed a shattered window.

“That Tibbett, I tell you. He can’t even fix the goddamn place.” Dan said,
making his way off the docks and onto the gold sand darkened by night.

“Dan, don’t get rowdy now. There are shots waiting for us up at camp.” Tyh
said, laughing. Sarah joined him and slipped her fingers into his. Dan
kept ahead, eager to start partying.

“Don’t you worry; I’ve already pictured it in my head. Tequila shots.
Lime. Lined up. One by one!”  He answered, dancing along towards the end
of the ATV trail.
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